Fri, 19 Apr 2024 Feature Article

Is Kennedy Agyapong going independent?

Is Kennedy Agyapong going independent?

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Fey is an adjective which means fated to die. Eg. Looking at the way this country is being ran, the NPP has that fey look of a party whose reign is going to be short. It is almost a mathematical certainty, and this seems a good news for the suffering youth who are praying for a change in government this year.

The ruling New Patriotic Party is having troubling political times. Incessant bickering and disunity among the rank and file of the party are becoming worrisome. And the impact of these intra-party squabbles and public disagreements can have negative effect on the party’s vote share in the December 7 polls.

The basic point is that parties whose politicians openly feud for all to see can be electorally harmful because such disputes could manifest themselves into something more sinister which is more likely to cause them to lose votes at the next general elections since voters could be left with the impression that division means dysfunctionalism, and an inability of the ruling party to focus on the important problems of the citizenry.

Besides, disunity is likely to be more damaging when it involves high profile party members, rather than backbenchers. And when party institutions and structures are sacrificed for individuals and sectional interests, much to the disadvantage of the party itself.

And this is perhaps what happened in the NPP where many think the overall party interest was sacrificed for Dr. Bawumia which could be one of the reasons why NPP stalwart and founding member, Allan Kyerematen left the party to form his own political movement, the Movement for Change.

Some political analysts believe that the decision of Alan Kyerematen to run as an independent candidate in the upcoming presidential election presents a potential challenge for the NPP and its flag-bearer, Dr. Bawumia.

Recent polls by Global Info Analytics suggests that Alan could attract 7.5% votes in the December presidential election. And it is believe that majority of these votes will come from NPP sympathisers because of Mr. Kyerematen's past affiliation with the incumbent party.

However, that is not all: the clouds are starting to build up, and the air is holding the crisp promise of interesting things to come.

A couple of days ago, I saw an inscription, "Ken for president, 2024. PHD" on the walls of the overhead bridge between Legon and Madina.

It would be recalled that former presidential aspirant of the NPP and Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong in the heat of the NPP presidential primary election called on the youth to imbibe the principles of Patriotism, Honesty and Discipline (PHD).

If the inscription I saw on the Madina overhead bridge suggests that Ken intends to run as an independent candidate in this years presidential election, then the NPP must be worried since a huge chunk of the youth, especially those within the Elephant Fraternity believe in Ken's PHD ideology, and there is likely going to be another showdown anytime soon.

But as we continue on in this election year, we should be seeking a leader whose rhetoric is about preserving, restoring, and supporting our greatest resource for the right reasons. And that person is John Dramani Mahama.

Anthony Obeng Afrane