Thu, 11 Apr 2024 Feature Article

Should Loopy not Google be Google's brand name?

Should Loopy not Google be Google's brand name?

Dear critical-reader, it occurred to me, while battling to regain control of my Yahoo email address, not too long ago (and finding the process being stymied by Google's signing in protocols), that perhaps Google's brand name ought to be changed to Loopy, lol.

It shouldn't be the case, dear critical-reader, that cybercriminals can easily hack into one's email address, yet one cannot regain control of same, one's self. Considering the harm cybercriminals cause to the individuals whose lives are turned upside down by their devastating online hacking, surely, regaining control of one's digital presence online, shouldn't be such a nightmarish process, dear critical-reader?

Perhaps if humanity understood clearly, the extent of the existential-civilisational-danger, now posed by cybercriminals in the new AI-bedrocked world, we would swiftly pass new legislation worldwide making all cybercrimes, without exception, punishable by mandatory death sentences - even in nations that have abolished the death sentence, lol.

Speaking personally, for example, even as we speak, I am still unable to access my blog, to post articles written by me, for some extraordinary reason. For any one whose passion is blogging, that's awful, in the extreme, dear critical-reader.

The situation has persisted, ever since I temporarily lost access to my yahoo email address, for a short period, but which, thank goodness, I was luckily able to regain control of, after all expert advice had failed to yield the desired result, lol. Monstrous.

In my humble view, Google ought to be ashamed that that should be the case in this day and age - when it is my own sodden Google blog and me the owner actually trying to access it and repeatedly failing to do so: just because of their daft recovery processes that keep looping (whatever that means, lol!). Perhaps, dear critical-reader, Loopy, not Google, should be Google's brand name, come to think of it, lol. Abominable. Unpardonable. Capricious. Intolerable. Shameful. Full stop.