Facilities in new head office have been downsized – BoG Governor

  Mon, 08 Apr 2024
Business & Finance Facilities in new head office have been downsized – BoG Governor

Bank of Ghana (BoG) has revealed that it has reduced the scale of certain facilities in its controversial new head office, currently under construction.

The BoG faced significant criticism over the construction of the new headquarters, with the Minority in Parliament demanding the removal or resignation of Governor Dr. Ernest Addison.

Speaking before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament, Dr. Addison, disclosed that the organization has taken steps to downsize the new project.

He specifically mentioned the removal of the auditorium from the plans for the new headquarters.

“It’s important to understand the project cycle, by the time you end up paying for a project, the project might have travelled quite a distance. Yes,…activities started much earlier than that, and a lot of it has been downsized.

“One of the facilities would have included an auditorium but that is not going to happen. There has been an attempt to address the issue.”

Dr. Addison confirmed that payments for construction, including the new head office for the Central Bank, have been processed.

“Even though the money was paid in 2022, [contract payments], the activities had long started as far back as 2020. It takes a while, for some of these things to become due for payments.”