Had The NPP's Free Education Been Successful, It Should Have Educated Bernard Antwi-Bosiako

Feature Article Had The NPP's Free Education Been Successful, It Should Have Educated Bernard Antwi-Bosiako
MAR 31, 2024 LISTEN

Despite the gigantic failure of the NPP government, including the provision of common toilets, the fight against corruption, and the creation of jobs, which has caused the nation's businesses, economy, and investments to collapse, one thing they keep bragging about is the claim of running a successful “Free Education.” However, this article will prove that, contrary to the success of free education in the country, it has been a scam and a failed project because it was unable to educate Bernard Antwi-Bosiako.


Bernard Antwi Bosiako's illiteracy has caused the NPP a great deal of hardship and added complexity to its predicament.

The cause of the NPP government's downfall is relatively simple to identify. In addition to their pervasive corruption, which negatively impacted the economy, companies, jobs, and investments, many NPP politicians were either appointed to positions they were unfamiliar with or held credentials they were not eligible for. A number of them, including Bernard Antwi-Bosiako, also known as Chairman Wontumi, are illiterates who entered politics with the influence of money.

Being a government official or a politician is not like playing the lottery and hoping to win even if you face the risk of losing. It involves highly educated politicians with specialized knowledge in several fields working toward development, employment, and a sustainable economy. If the current president is revealed to be neither a human rights advocate nor a lawyer, he would have no problem picking incapable politicians to destroy the nation. The most recent is the peculiar nomination of Mr. Kwame Baffoe (Abronye) to the Tema Oil Refinery board of directors.

The already collapsing state of Ghana is experiencing chaos due to the increasing appointment of illiterates based on tribalism or the power of their wealth. Numerous indicators point to illiteracy, particularly in the remarks made by NPP politicians. Others are voicing out "Yeti Sika Su Na Ekom Diyen, Sika Mpe Dede, the NPP will never hand up power to the NDC," and "Ghana is better than the UK," according to Bernard Antwi-Bosiako. Meanwhile, when sick, they go abroad for medical care."

Mr. Bernard Antwi-Bosiako's ignorance knows no bounds; this time, he went too far by insulting Professor Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang, Mahama's vice presidential running mate. The illegal miner who has destroyed numerous habitats, including rivers, claims that John Mahama is secretly married to Prof. Jane Opoku-Agyeman. Under Akufo Addo's leadership, politics in Ghana have become so cheap that even the quack economist Bawumia, who had a part in the country's economic downfall, is running for president.

I wrote "The Money Of Chairman Wontumi Can't Change His Illiteracy To A Scholar, He Has Deepened NPP's Crisis, Not Kyerematen" on September 27, 2023. No matter how rich someone is, their words, deeds, and mannerisms will always expose their illiteracy. As he is known to do, Bernard Atwi-Bosiako disrespected Allan Kyerematen and launched an attack on him. Antwi-Bosiako, who should have been imprisoned for pollution, is walking free thanks to the earnings of his illicit mining, which many, including the president, are benefiting from.

Even though he claims to be worth $10 billion, he was unable to further develop the Ashanti Region until John Mahama completed all of the area's significant development initiatives. Therefore, any intelligent person should be aware that, in addition to illiteracy being a disease that keeps people from realizing their own stupidity, hearing someone like Bernard Antwi-Bosiako yelling on the platform, "The NPP will break the 8?" exposes the NPP's purported success, "Free Education," as rather a failure.

Chairman Wontumi's declaration that the NPP "will break the 8" even though his government is the worst in Ghanaian political history and has racked up enormous debt for which the people of Ghana are unaware is like a farmer declaring after a downpour that the country will have an abundant harvest, but the farmer neglected to plant any food, not even tomatoes or peppers. Votes from the general public will break the 8th cylce, not a political party with incompetent politicians who can't name five projects they have completed in the Ashanti Region.

Like how Akufo Addo treats Ghanaians like trash and continues to disrespect the Constitution with his corruptly appointed Supreme Court judges, Bosiako demanded that Kyerematen's posters be taken down. This is a lesson that no rational Ghanaian should believe in either the NPP or Bawumia. If he and Akufo Addo are accountable for the devastation of Ghana, are Ghanaians morons to vote a failed vice-president to be president? I don’t think so because Ghanaians are intelligent people.