Dreaming Dumsor, Wishing Dumsor!

By Daily Guide
Editorial Dreaming Dumsor, Wishing Dumsor!
MAR 5, 2024 LISTEN

In the dreams of the NDC, a party too obsessed with an equalisation agenda that it has dropped its thinking cap, a power outage occasioned by a technical hitch on the part of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) or Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo) represents dumsor, the like of which we endured when the opposition party was at the helm.

What does John Jinapor, the Minority’s brain on power think of Ghanaians? Since he and the NDC tasted opposition in 2017, any small power outage resembles dumsor. John Jinapor’s prophecy of doom for the country so that the NDC can get the opportunity to point to equal failure of the NPP to deal with dumsor would not work.

It appears the NDC has no campaign message except the perceived failure of the Akufo-Addo government. So everyday, the major wish list of the NDC is for Ghana to return to dumsor.

And that is why very often John Jinapor and his NDC people keep barking that dumsor has returned, even during planned maintenance by the ECG.

The NDC does not think about the unproductive outcome of dumsor, but just demonstrating their hatred for President Akufo-Addo for daring to tame dumsor over the last seven years.

Kwabena Donkor, who resigned because of the lack of capacity to deal with dumsor, has gained his voice to talk about what caused his departure from government.

As for John Jinapor, he has ran amok, with dumsor on his heels, so everywhere he goes the dumsor nemesis chases him, and that is why he sees dumsor shadows even when the power is on.

The spectacle in Parliament last week between the Jinapor brothers was laughable. It had to take the courage of Junior Samuel Abu Jinapor to correct the misinformation being peddled by Senior John Jinapor about the power situation in the country.

As we said earlier, any challenge in the power sector is dumsor, so when the power went off for less than four hours, John Jinapor in his usual attempt to throw dust into the eyes of the people started barking dumsor is back.

He, therefore, took advantage of the situation to call on the Speaker to invite the Energy Minister to explain. The current Speaker would oblige the NDC request for obvious reasons, although he knows dumsor has been dealt a knockout blow by the NPP government.

The propaganda by John Jinapor compelled Samuel Jinapor to stand up to his senior brother and tell him to the face that he was peddling falsehood.

Samuel Jinapor, educated his brother, who all these years has boasted to be a specialist of the power sector, that he does not understand what is meant by dumsor.

He wondered if his brother called four hours of power challenge dumsor, then Ghanaians must look for another name for the power problems of over four years under the government of John Mahama.

If four hours of power outage in Parliament is dumsor, then what Ghanaians suffered under NDC is “dum koraa.”  The NDC must give Ghanaians a break from dumsor because the NPP government has done a lot to keep the power on.

The NDC has been in government before and its leaders must know what it takes to win power. Lies and propaganda would not help the cause of the NDC and, especially, its leader John Mahama to return to the Jubilee House.

We have served notice already that we would not accept propaganda and misinformation on the campaign platform. Anybody who wants power must come to the table with issues and vision that would address the needs of the people. Dumsor will not save the campaign of the NDC in Election 2024.

The NDC and its leaders should spend the same energy in explaining the 24-hour economy just as they talk about dumsor. Perhaps, the NDC and its leaders are finding it difficult to sell the 24-hour economy to the people.

Whether the NDC likes it or not, John Mahama has no choice but to face off with Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia in debate about the digital economy versus the 24-hour economy. That showdown would be soon and the NDC better be prepared as their wishful return of dumsor would not give them electoral advantage.