14.02.2024 Feature Article

Lamentations of an Alleged Witch: Ebuka Obi's Prophecies and Destruction of Families in Nigeria

Lamentations of an Alleged Witch: Ebuka Obi's Prophecies and Destruction of Families in Nigeria
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The Advocacy for Alleged Witches draws the attention of the public to the case of a woman who was accused of witchcraft following a prophecy by a self-acclaimed man of God, 'Pastor' Ebuka Obi in Lagos, Nigeria. This case underscores the damage that self-styled men and women of God are causing in families. And the time has come for authorities to move against these religious impostors. In a video that a comedian circulated on social media, the woman lamented her suffering, predicament, and persecution motivated by a malicious prophecy by Ebuka Obi. She appealed to the Igbo public for help so that she could be vindicated. This woman decried how a prophecy by Ebuka Obi had destroyed her family, causing the children to shun and abandon her. She stated that she was battling with some ill health when this so-called man of God issued this prophecy. That was in 2021. According to her, the daughter-in-law, who attended Ebuka's Zion Ministry, took ill and accused the woman of being responsible. The woman claimed that she knew nothing about the illness.

As a Christian, she stated that she only prayed to God for her needs. And that she had no idea or knowledge of how to harm anyone through occult means. According to her, they publicized in the community that Ebuka's prophecy was pointing in her direction, vaguely implying that she was responsible for the daughter's ailment. The so-called pastor Ebuka was told to be specific, to name who exactly was responsible for the ailment. But Ebuka refused to mention the person, saying that it would cause division in the family.

But the woman claimed that their family was already divided. Ebuka's prophecies had caused much damage even without mentioning the person. The woman stated that while battling with her ailment, her son told her that the daughter-in-law disclosed that she was the one responsible for her sickness. The entire family eventually agreed that she was the one who caused the ailment. The accusation had made the children shun and abandon her while she continued to suffer.

Her first son told her to stop calling him, and that she was a bad mother. She urged the Igbo public for help, to publicize her case, and pressure Ebuka to come and resolve the confusion and damage that his prophecy had caused in her family. The woman stated that she had gone to Ebuka's Zion Ministry to get him to resolve the matter without success.

The Advocacy for Alleged Witches contacted the comedian who shared the video on social media, through him, the woman, and her two daughters. There is an ongoing discussion on how the AfAW would support and rehabilitate her. However, the woman's rehabilitation would not be complete until Ebuka is held accountable for his actions and prophecies. The Zion Prayer movement is wrecking havoc in families and communities.

The Advocacy for Alleged Witches urges the Nigerian government to sanction Pastor Ebuka and his Zion ministry for poisoning family relationships. Ebuka Obi is a witch hunter and a fearmonger. He uses his prophecies and ministries to fuel occult fears and anxieties, accusations and persecutions in communities. Ebuka Obi is another TB Joshua in the making. And his Zion ministry is another Synagogue church of all Nations. Like other self-acclaimed pastors, men, and women of God, Ebuka is a charlatan and sanctifies hatred, mistrust, division, and suspicion, causing children to blame their parents and other relatives for their misfortunes.

As this case has shown, Ebuka's Zion Ministry thrives on cold reading, deception and exploitation of poor gullible people. His ministry incites assault, abandonment and violence against innocent men and women. The Lagos state government should call Ebuka Obi to order now. The government should not look the other way while this religious impostor continues to destroy lives and families.

Ebuka's wretched and misguided witch hunting ministry must be stopped, before it is too late.

Leo Igwe directs the Advocacy for Alleged Witches which aims to end witch hunting in Africa in 2030.