Harmattan: Wear facemasks, drink enough water, limit outdoor activities — Ghana Medical Association advises

Health Dr. Frank Serebour, President of the Ghana Medical Association GMA
FEB 9, 2024 LISTEN
Dr. Frank Serebour, President of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA)

The intense harmattan wind blowing across Ghana has raised public health concerns, according to the Ghana Medical Association (GMA).

In a statement dated February 9, GMA President Dr. Frank Serebour observed that the extremely dusty conditions caused by the stronger harmattan are seriously impacting people's health.

“The increased dust and general dry weather conditions have seriously affected human health, possibly leading to increased respiratory conditions," he said.

Dr. Serebour intimated that people with asthma and other chronic lung diseases may experience acute attacks or worsening of their conditions due to the heavy dust load in the air.

In view of this, the GMA advised, “Anyone who experiences signs and symptoms of respiratory conditions, e.g., cough, painful swallowing. runny nose, chest pain, or difficulty in breathing should report to the nearest health facility immediately.”

“The dusty conditions also reduce visibility on the roads, especially at night. People are also predisposed to dehydration due to the increased dryness of the air," Dr. Serebour noted.

For public health safety during the intensified harmattan, the GMA is recommending preventive measures such as wearing face masks when outdoors, limiting time outside especially for children, staying hydrated by drinking water, and ensuring proper management of asthma and other lung conditions.

Drivers are also advised to be cautious on dusty roads.


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