31.01.2024 Feature Article

If Foreigners See Africa As The Best Place To Make Money So Can You

If Foreigners See Africa As The Best Place To Make Money So Can You
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Seriously? Yes. Every foreigner in Nigeria will tell you there is more money to be made in Nigeria than in their own countries. Otherwise they would not leave their comfortable countries to make bigger profit and live majestically in Africa. All they have to do is distinguish frausters from greedy local partners and hold their noses long enough until they drain Africa's Central Banks with the help of African enablers.

This is the reason Virgin/Nigeria Airways died when politicians demanded more shares than real investors. The only problem in Nigeria are those ready to defraud you. While waiting to sell your goods and get paid, they will tactically wait until you run out of the foreign money you brought knowing you will not check out without cash. They will only sell after you leave and pay you whatever they want. If you have a deep pocket, wait or establish local retail outlets.

Africa can never get out of the economic quadrum we put ourselves as mainly petty traders; buying and selling imported foreign goods and services while we export little finished products at our dictated prices. On the other hand, just ask Nigerians exporting finished goods and preserved food to Western countries dictate what to pay for their exports; how they laugh to their banks in U.S dollars and Euro. We must think about finished exports instead of obsessive indulgence in foreign used and junk goods.

While it is a fact that restrictions are intentionally placed on our finished goods in Western countries, Africans must go back to trading with one another more than we do with those outside Africa. Selling Naira cheap by round tripping will only compound and depreciate our African currencies. If you are big enough as a foreigner or Nigerian in Diaspora, you can launder money by getting allocation at the Central Bank as a business looking to buy materials for your business abroad or by legally paying schools fees abroad for education that are cheaply available at home. If those fail, go to black market.

Even some Nigerians in Diaspora make more money in Nigeria than they make at their bases abroad. They know Africans are obsessed with anything exotic and made abroad, usually of lower quality. What they do is look for foreign used goods like cars that move in the market and ship them in. Voila, they are ready to change Naira at black market and check out of the country. Each time we go to Asia to import cheap finished goods, we only drain the pockets of Africans when the same products could be copied and made at home.

These are people that saved for a year or more and bought their tickets on credit cards to come home and show off for about a month. These Diaspora Africans are not drug peddlers, 419ers or ritual mongers. Most of them work like a son-of-a-bitch to afford a little holiday. Some of them actually worked their last shift without sleeping before getting on the plane. But they are willing to spend their life savings to reconnect at home with relatives and friends.

Importation of used goods like electronics, clothes and cars flooded the Ports in the names of importers but little goods as exporters. It became a trend as African countries bleed most of their foreign reserves. Yet, whenever Africans in Diaspora, especially Nigerians, visit their country; they are rushed like millionaires from foreign currencies. Some of those who know better, watch Diaspora Nigerians brag until they are down to their last dollars or euros.

They know that they cannot wait for their flight out of the country, cannot even afford to miss their flight and pay penalty fees before they get stranded. Money or profit are made legally exploiting the most liberal and open markets, no country outside Africa allows. People used to go to jail for what were smuggled goods to keep Naira at par with British pounds and one and a half American dollars. Now foreign currencies are legal tender: with 100 U.S dollar bills more available on the streets of African countries' capitals than in American cities.

Only foolish foreigners would see Tax Free or Open markets and not take advantage. In order to glamorize and back open free markets in Africa, the International Monetary Fund created Structural Adjustments with the backing of Oxford and Harvard trained African economists. Even when they finally admitted at the Ghana conference that Structural Adjustments was a disaster that wiped out the middle class. They never relented; but encouraged multiple Devaluations. There are different ways to skin a cat.

We cannot fault those who think they are millionaires from their swagger after landing at the Airport. As soon as they step on the soil, their body and soul are revitalized. Nice to be home. They become whole again in a country where they are the majority instead of a disrespected minority, no matter the achievements attained where they are coming from.

Privileged Africans are fleeing foreign reserves left, right and center since patriotism, loyalty and conscientiousness come last while greed and indifference prevail. It is only Africans that will sell properties acquired over a lifetime or borrow a fortune that can start local business to buy visas and tickets that cannot sustain them for a month abroad! Otherwise, fortune that could have been invested at home to boost local production, create jobs and businesses.

The obsession with foreign salvation has its origin in destroying African values and culture by replacing them with foreign tastes. This makes it easier to control and manipulate people the way they want. Modern day economic sanction before naked force of mass destruction are always methods of domination. Just like the old Protectorate used to conquer the Zulu, Ashanti, Ijebu, Bini, Jaja of Opobo and other Africans dominated local authorities.

As these sanctions become effective, the average citizens flee their own countries for greener pastures into the land of those dominating them. In order to cheapen their labor into glorified slavery, they are controlled, selected and demonized at the border. They take any job they can, as long as they are protected from immigration officers.

Agadez Niger Republic where migrants from Libya were begging to return home met migrants defying their horror stories to go through even worse situations. Despite horror stories of dying in the desert, taken as slaves by Asma Boys, sold for body parts, rape and given the most inhumane treatment worse than animals, new slaves were not convinced by the face to face stories until they taste the worst punishment themselves.