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19.03.2007 Business & Finance

Eagle Eyes Of Sottie

Last week members of staff of our company, Ghana Incorporated, were shocked to read that one of them was alleged to have attempted to steal ¢3.5 billion.

It has been the prayer of some that the story should prove not to be true. Many are those who get worried at the end of every month when they see the amount of tax deducted from their salaries.

Our beloved country has suffered at the hands of many members of staff who take advantage of any loophole or leakage to do their own thing.

It is for this reason that any move to plug the leakage or loopholes must be applauded, for it will safeguard the company's money.

Mr Christian Sottie, the accounting officer of our company, deserves much applause. It is important that accounting people be on the look out because there are many of our staff who think they must fleece the taxpayer for their personal aggrandisement through clever ways.

However, one day may be bad for such members of staff.

It brings to mind how members of staff relish those who flaunt their wealth at various gatherings. Such people win the admiration of many, who do so without trying to find out their sources of money.

Additionally, many young men do not want to go through the system to acquire their wealth. They do not want to learn from the life cycle of the mosquito, that is, from the egg, to the larva, the pupa to the full-grown mosquito.

The first thing many young members of our company think about is to own cars, sometimes through foul means. It is that urge to own a 'posh' car which prompts them to behave so wickedly.

What is even more disturbing is that those engaged in the nefarious practices have families and it is expected that some family members must be interested in how their relatives come by their money.

Good name, they say, is better than riches. How true! The stigma which comes upon a family whose member is alleged to have siphoned state funds for his personal use may be very difficult to endure over a long period.

Our religious leaders also have an obligation to keep their eyes on their members and advise them when necessary.

We know that the company's procurement law would work for the company but it is also important that those in charge of disbursement be on the high alert, otherwise some members of staff who think they deserve all the good things in life more than others would steal our money.

All of us have a responsibility to help those greedy ones among us. Mr Sottie, congratulations once more on your vigilance.

Article by C.S. Buabeng