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17.03.2007 Togo

Seek For Successful Ghanaians From The Diaspora-Andrew Togobo

By ISD (Andy Fosu)

A Ghanaian international poet, journalist and performer, born in England, Andrew Togobo, yesterday, in Accra, treated a cross-section of talented Ghanaian writers and newsmen to some of his numerous poetry performances and video shows.
The poetry, mainly, a satire, focuses on the sort of discrimination a typical African and others in the Diaspora face in the west and other countries. It denounces such negativities and empowers through encouragement the need for the younger African and Black generation to conserve their cultural identity.

Mr Togobo, through his vibrant poetic delivery, decried neo-colonialism, which according to him is a new concealed form of slave trade where skillful and educated Africans are trafficked to work to improve the economy of the western world.

Identifying with some of the negativities some Africans born in the western culture experience, he said this in a poetic wit: “So Kofi, what's it like being a white man in a black man's world?
I gave them the truth in the way they never thought existed Living in a world contrary to your existence
Being discriminated against
Anything from language to myths
…in an environment that controls every facet of living, thinking, training and education
…they write other books to suggest that my history was fake”

He said that there are other blacks living abroad who have adopted the western culture so that they can get along and escape harsh treatments meted out by the whites.
He said “but we have never been in an environment to excel
So we just go along to get along
So black people have become white peoples most desired persons”.
“One's culture is an essential ingredient for development,” Andrew Togobo noted, and added that the youth should disdain the habit of looking down on their useful culture.

The poet called on the Government to look for Ghanaians based in Britain who have made great impact in the British society in order to build their homeland. He was also of the view that an avenue created for Ghanaians based in Britain and other lands to learn their native language and culture will help prevent young ones from experiencing cultural crisis.