Nogokpo chiefs give Agyinasare 14-day to appear over 'demonic headquarters' comment or else...

Social News Nogokpo chiefs give Agyinasare 14-day to appear over 'demonic headquarters' comment or else...
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The Chiefs and people of Nogokpo in the Ketu South Municipality have given the founder of Perez Chapel International, Archbishop Charles Agyinasare a 14-day ultimatum to appear before them.

This follows a comment made by Archbishop Charles Agyin-Asare, on the third day of a summit held recently at the headquarters of Perez Chapel in Accra, where he preached about divine protection and the existence of evil forces.

The Archbishop recounted a period when his group faced spiritual attacks during a crusade in the Volta Region.

Delivering a sermon in the auditorium, he said “During this crusade in Aflao, we slept at Agbozume, that was where our hotel was, and you must go through Nogokpo, Nogokpo is the demonic headquarters in the Volta Region."

He added, “We only have not said it but the second night I made Bishop Yaw Adu talk about witchcraft and we disgraced the witches and wizards."

“When we were driving from Aflao to Agbozume, immediately we got to Nogokpo, Bishop Yaw Adu’s four-wheel drive, the tyre came out from under the car,” Charles Agyinasare recounted.

His comment did not go down well with many who criticised the respectable man of God.

In reaction, Mawufemor Nornyigbey who was speaking on behalf of the Chiefs at a press conference stated, "After hearing the second trending statement the Bishop made on Sunday, May 28, 2023, he did not show any remorse, which is an indication that he deliberately decided to tarnish the good reputation of the people of Nogokpo.”

According to him, Agyinasare's comment seeks to describe Nogokpo as the headquarters of all wild, cruel and evil people in the Volta Region.

Contrary to the negative perception people have Nogokpo, he indicated that Ghana's first President Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah once visited Nogokpo to seek the help of the thunder god Torgbui Zakadza to deliver Ghanaians from British rule.

“That for evidence-based testimony, we want to make it known to the general public that when Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, the 1st President, of Ghana, explored all avenues to gain independence for Ghana but couldn’t succeed, he finally visited Nogokpo and sought divine assistance from the thunder deity, 'Torgbui Zakadza,'” Mr Mawufemor Nornyigbey stated.

Mr. Mawufemor Nornyigbey indicated that even though Agyinasare's remark is too provocative and vexatious to warrant a reprisal or confrontation, they continue to act as peacemakers.

“His message that day was just calculated to damage the mechanism of the usual religious intolerance to weaken African Traditional Religion in the face of the congregation,” Mr Nornyigbey said.

He added that the Nogokpo people are not evildoers but extremely calm and tolerant towards all tribes.

Sebastian Sedekah Akaho-Tay
Sebastian Sedekah Akaho-Tay

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