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Ghana:  a Change To Success

Ghana: a Change To Success

Change is to stop doing something and start doing something different. A country cannot make a difference without change. Change brings about progress however, many people resist change because they might have become accustomed to some practices and lifestyles. Ghana, our motherland can adapt to change to cause economic development. Change can uplift people into success. Below are some of the changes I like to see in the country;

To begin, the education structure of Ghana should be reformed. Even though in the years 1997 and 2002 there some reformation, there are no results that met the country’s expectations. I think the Senior High School should be extended to four years to help the teachers to cover all the syllabus and students revise their books. This will help the student to get the expected grades and results to meet the expected targets. Also, the educational structure is concentrating more on the theoretical aspect than the practical aspect. This does not show the relevance of the courses they study at the universities and colleges. The courses offered must meet the country’s demand and graduates can fit in the job market to impact positively on the economy of Ghana.

Again, there should be support by the government for the agricultural sector of Ghana. The exportation of the crops cultivated by farmers in Ghana earns the country foreign exchange to develop the economy. For this reason, the government should educate the people especially the youth on the importance of agriculture to the individual and the nation and provide new methods and technology for farming. Also, the government should provide items like free fertilizer, tractors at discount, etc. to motivate the youth in farming. The country Ghana should have a big land for farming only for the country like three hundred acres of land and workers with knowledge in agriculture should be employed and paid well so that the country will get enough crops to export and use in the country to have a better economy. Again, all the major areas which are into commercial farming should have their roads constructed to reduce the high rate of post-harvest losses which deters farmers from producing higher yields.

In furtherance, there must be changes in our political setup. The “winner takes all” attitude in our political setup should be changed. The thing is, it is awful for the president to elect almost all of the members of parliament. It should be that the “District Chief Executive” and “Municipal Chief Executive” for example should be elected by the people. This is because the wrong people are given positions. After all, they belong to the incumbent government. The appointees do not serve the people but rather serve or please the president who appointed them to secure their positions. If they are voted for they will be accountable to the people and therefore will act diligently and selfless manner.

Last but not the least, environmental pollution must be controlled. Human activities constitute about 75% of environmental pollution. They include bush burning, industrial waste, oil spillage, and so on. There should be the enforcement of laws by the Environmental Protection Agency and its affiliate agencies. If someone is found culpable, appropriate sanction should be meted out to the person, be it a fine or jail sentence. There should be public education on the dangers of environmental pollution on the individual and the nation as a whole. This should be done through the media, posters, and community Durbars.

I am very optimistic that if the above-mentioned measures are put in place, the country Ghana will develop for the better for us all. As I always say ‘Change in the brain, is the renewed hope and glory.