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Ghanaian  Leadership: A Compromised One?

Ghanaian  Leadership: A Compromised One?

In Ghana’s current economy, it can be seen that leaders and their styles affect everyone and everything within an organization or State instance.

“We need leaders!” from the social, industrial, religious, and even political worlds we hear this cry. Before anything else, there is the need to identify people with leadership qualities and grow upon them for future leaders to be efficient and eligible in whatever position they may occupy.

Before all this chaos, did the need for asceticism dawn on us? Are the leaders of Ghana willing to set goals that will continually move Ghana forward in making dreams a reality? Many are the promises made to the Ghanaian people but few have been fulfilled. John Haggai once said, “Attempt something so great for God, it’s doomed to failure unless God be in it.”This is the way Ghanaian leaders should uphold. There would be as a country, great progress and change within our government structure and the state, if the standards of selfless service are adhered to closely just as Christ did.

Ghana as a developing Nation with many great opportunities must make good use of its natural resources, both human and capital resources are not exempted. Like other ancient empires, if Ghana does not carefully and strategically extract her minerals, it would be virtually exhausted, since mineral resources are non-renewable. Whatever decision is taken concerning the state, we should have in mind the relevance and impact it would have on the latter generation.

Moreover, Leaders tend to acquire skills through experience, thus, also dealing with different persons regardless of their temperaments. Without help in dealing with people and growing leadership – socio-human relationships, at best, most people will only give mediocre leadership.

Again, some principles are coping with understanding criticism, like handling executive burnout. In every improvement, there is the need to be constructively criticized to help keep whatever leader on the toes.

“Do great men cause great times or do great times cause great men?”Like many American revolutionists and reformers, many caused great times and relevance .whilst other times caused great men whose principles and theories we act upon this very day. Their charisma and intellect, made them stand out-this are to say that leadership not only embodies itself with timeless and reliable qualities but also one that works.

Adding up, the unnecessary and unprofessional act of our Political Ministers during the secret balloting of the Speaker of Parliament was a real shame. If our leaders want to grow, they need to be more disciplined and consistent in their doings and growth. Leaders are here, being urged to have the country’s well doing at heart. Leaders should have a stronger and more proactive sense of urgency in their mindset and develop systems for faster National growth.

Ghanaian leaders, like other states leaders, must customize the design for growth. Once the blueprints are drawn for the country’s development, they can be applied to the country’s administration. Leaders listen “More achievements happen if situations are approached more strategically.” so how do you strategically accomplish something consistently? Crafting and using systems; is for predictably achieving a goal, based on organized, repeatable practices and principles. System leverage achievement in the sector of time and money is a good thing. They are great instruments for National growth and performance improvement. If leaders want to make the most of whatever they are pursuing, systems that work need to be developed and tailored to suit the current situation. States that use systems and apply action are always virtually more successful than States that do not. Systems can be used to suppress the ever-rising inflation rate in the country. Eventhough Ghana boasts of having many Economists, including the Finance Minister; Ken Ofori Attah, and the vice president; His Excellency Dr.Mahamudu Bawumia, it has become yet, problematic in curtailing the economic crisis of Ghana – which is been caused by several factors.

If the Nation’s ladder falls into familiar patterns and habits-doing the same thing in the same ways, it would most definitely get the same results. Being in the comfort zone may feel comfortable but it leads to mediocrity. Leaders must be willing to face tension and stretch forward to potential.


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