Kamala Harris’ Visit To Ghana Is An Effort By The US Government To Regain Africa From China and Russia

Feature Article Kamala Harris’ Visit To Ghana Is An Effort By The US Government To Regain Africa From China and Russia

Trade between the United States and Africa has decreased by roughly half over the last 15 years. China, which has already established itself as the principal partner for the majority of the countries on the continent, is quickly capturing the African market. Additionally, Russia has increased its involvement in Africa by delivering food, ammunition, and fertilizer, as a result, the fortunes of the United States and Western nations, are deteriorating in Africa.

The administration of President Joe Biden is, therefore, trying to regain the loss of Africa, hence, US Vice President Kamala Harris left for an African tour and within three days, she intends to visit Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia. Is it still possible, or is it too late? The Chinese have emerged as one of the top nations in a technologically advanced globe when it comes to technological innovation and now colonizing Africa through loans to African nations.


The state of California elected Kamala Harris as its attorney general in 2010, but despite after 400 years of the abolition of slavery, African-Americans were still held in servitude. Therefore, she is just concerned with what the US government will benefit from the continent of Africa; her presence on the Black Continent does not indicate that she is concerned about the people.

In December, at the African Summit in Washington, the US government promised to allocate $55 billion to the continent, mainly for food security and green energy. 55 billion dollars sound great, however, the turnout will be very little if 54 countries are assisted. For example, China and Africa's trade volume alone hit a record $282 billion last year. Since they don't impose their will or tell them what to do, China and Russia are now preferred by many African nations over the US.

The US government believes it is time to primarily build up its military contingent in Africa to stay there, if not with money then at least by force, and they offer Africans to cooperate as if not to the detriment of relations with China and Russia. Congress has threatened the consequences for African nations that do not adhere to the Western sanctions policy, notwithstanding this.

Joe Biden thinks sending the African-American Kamala Harris is an attempt to make things very easy for the US government. However, Africans nowadays are too wise to be taken for granted. Considering that African-Americans still experience severe prejudice and discrimination despite decades of the abolition of slavery, I don't think Kamala can convince Africans that the US government approves of them.

The developed nations referred to Africa as the "Third World," but this is the same continent that they have been consuming resources from and purposefully causing economic instability to make life difficult for people. Therefore, if you see Kamala Harris in Africa today, it doesn't because she likes Africans; rather, she is there as part of a US government initiative to strengthen ties with African nations and oppose the rising power of China and Russia.

China has made significant investments in Africa in recent years, particularly in infrastructure and resource development. Russia's influence has also grown on the continent, particularly as a result of the establishment of the Russian private military corporation Wagner.

Soon after landing in Ghana, the first stop of a tour that also includes stops in Tanzania and Zambia, Harris stated, "During this trip, I intend to work to increase investment on the continent and promote economic growth and opportunity." Ghanaians are also aware that she will speak about the legalization of the LGBTQ agenda there, however; this will never happen since Ghana respects its rich cultural legacy and won't ever sell its soul for money to allow the legalization of homosexuality on its soil.