02.03.2023 Feature Article

When a country lives off its past not its future

When a country lives off its past not its future
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Dolce Vita, vino, espresso, and aperitivo are part of the easygoing lifestyle Italians are known and loved for. As a member of the G7 states Italy is economically strong and at present constantly in the news because of Lampedusa and the migrant crisis. North Europeans behind closed doors over old red vine smile gently about the country once so powerful now a reminder of the ancient ruins of former glory.

Italy was home to the Roman Empire covering most of Europe and countries around the Mediterranean Sea. Its legacy is legendary not only because of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the seat of the Pope but for legends like the Merchants and Traders of Venice, the Artists of Florence, the Medicis, and places like the Toscana and Lake Como, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Mailand Fashion week.

The Duce Benito Mussolini was equally part of the story of this great nation as much as the Red Brigades and the Mafia of Palermo and Sicily.

The latter is an indication of the overall development and status of Italian society. Each time a government is elected betting goes on for how long the politicians will stay in power, one year or two years or surprisingly reaching out for three years in power, what glorious achievement citizens and foreigners alike shout out.

While other societies have used the ups and downs on their way to make it into the 21century Italy has a long memory of the past glory rooted deep down in their hearts and souls. Painting over the economy and politics here and there, pouring high gloss over textiles ala Versage is not a sign of fundamental change.

Unlike the European neighborhood of Italy, the Mafia is a vital destructive part of the reality of Italy and the tradition of the former glory of ancient times. The roots of the Roman Empire can be found in modern Italy still blocking any innovative mind be it in the economy, technology, medicine, arts, architecture, social system, or politics. Old traditions are often hurdles to being innovative and demonstrate a boost in progress.

A society that understands to build a glorious future, not on a glorious past but creates an independent mind that shapes and acts as its own master of heavenly destiny truly deserves to be applauded, admired, and followed.

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