Choose Ampofo Over Any Other Contender For The Sake Of Party And Country As Your National Chairman

Feature Article Choose Ampofo Over Any Other Contender For The Sake Of Party And Country As Your National Chairman
DEC 15, 2022 LISTEN

Courage and fearlessness as weapons are complete deception to the masses! We do not need courage in winning 2024. Whoever said courage is ultimate is misleading us! Bravery and fearlessness are a preserve for the military and the npp has absolute control and influence over the military and could use them to terrorise us damn any courageous person that leads us as chairman. What the ndc needs is well defined policies that reflect the aspirations and desires of the masses whose votes speak volumes. If ndc is winning majority of seats, no amount of intimidation or courage can change it. Only if the ndc is losing marginally that they can cheat in one of their strong areas to win.

Let's look for a someone who can proffer policies that are so dear to the disgruntled masses who are looking for hope and assurance of a better tomorrow.

Courage and being fearless aren't the only ultimate Panaceas for being a chairman and for Victory 2024.

Until we recognise our collective efforts with well defined policies and programmes beyond looking for a courageous and fearless chairman, we are not going anywhere. We had a fearless Secretary General yet we lost 2016 and 2020. So what are we saying? Must one be a fearless chairman and not a secretary to win us elections? Let's place party interest first and stop supporting people on the grounds of relationships. If we think about what we are going to get from an aspirant and not what the aspirant is going to help us achieve as party, our ultimate goal, which is victory 2024, my brothers, we may be construed as people stabbing themselves in the back. I remember former president Kufour once said, it is better to be a tail in a winning party than to be a head in a losing part. Let's choose wisely bearing in mind the consequences of our choices! I believe the ndc under a humble and experienced chairman will make Ghana a better place for all Ghanaians. And all of us will be rejoicing over his victory!

Go for Ampofo and our stories will change!
Go for Ampofo for victory 2024.