27.09.2022 Feature Article

If we don't kill high-level corruption, it will kill Ghanaian democracy, as sure as day follows night

If we don't kill high-level corruption, it will kill Ghanaian democracy, as sure as day follows night
27.09.2022 LISTEN

Following the recent downpours, conditions in the Camp Liberia refugee settlement area, sanitation-wise, are egregiously-atrocious. I was outraged to see how a fruit seller (who keeps me supplied with fruit at affordable prices, regularly), Madam Georgina Ayeh, was off-water-grid dish-washing, for her single-parent brood.

No demographic in our well-endowed aspirational African society, should be forced to exist in such conditions. No. No. No. Case closed. Haaba.

Ghana's greed-filled, narrow-minded and hard-of-hearing ruling-elites, must change their evil ways, ooooo, Ghanafuo. Yoooooo...

There is no question that the rampant high-level corruption being engaged in by the big-thieves-in-high-places, is robbing Mother Ghana, blind, and milking her dry - such that she is unable to ensure the welfare of ordinary people: because grand-larceny, on a scale never seen before in human history, is denying our nation the wherewithal needed to ensure the creation of a fair and all-inclusive society.

Ghanafuo, let us not delude ourselves, oooo: We are actually sitting on a metaphorical-social-time-bomb, which could explode suddenly, without warning.

The question to ponder over is: If today we have all the digital-tools, needed to create a prosperous, equitable and modern African society, why then do we not move out of the shadow of conventional economic thinking, swiftly?

Will that not make it possible, for example, to provide digital bank accounts, at the Bank of Ghana (BoG), for all Ghanaians citizens who elect for it, to be given DGHC300,000 to build their own family homes, repayable over 50 years, with the monthly rent of DGHc100, counting as instalment payments.

Ditto open digital business bank accounts at the BoG, for all Ghanaian citizens, who opt for it, to be given DGHc100, 000, repayable over 50 years, with monthly interest payments of DGHc25.00, from the end of a ten-year moratorium-timeframe?

Will such imaginative policies not provide a regular source of revenue for the Ghanaian nation-state, to fund the modernisation and expansion of infrastructure nationwide, I ask, dear reader?

Given the mess our debt--burdened national economy is in, even as we speak, one wonders what disaster could possibly befall Mother Ghana, if such a creative approach to mass-empowerment, which delivers individual self-bootstrapping-prosperity, for all marginalised demographics, in our homeland Ghana? Hmmm, ey3nsem piiiiii, oooo, Ghanafuo: If we do not kill endemic high-level corruption, it will kill Ghanaian democracy, as sure as day follows night. Yoooooo...

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