06.08.2022 Feature Article

Can You Call Ghana Your Home?

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Where I go after my death is none of my business because it's a mystery. But the reality is that I am a Ghanaian and I live and earn my source of living here, so I have no choice but to make this place a better place and to make me always feel at home because Ghana is my HOME.

Let's understand this and pay our due taxes. We don't want to cheat our churches by not paying the appropriate tithes. We are very generous in our various churches. Meanwhile, the churches will grow when the nation is well developed. So why can't we give Caesar what belongs to Caesar but always cheat Caesar (Ghana)?

I know people will say-but we don't know what they use our taxes for. In the same way, we don't know how our tithes are used but we keep paying, believing that it's up to God to judge. Why can't we do our best for Ghana and defend her like we defend our religions, churches, and priests?

Ghana is what we have and we can live in other countries but we will still not be regarded as part of them.

There is a reason you were born a Ghanaian, so let that purpose be actualized. Let's stop being selfish and greedy, because one day, the citizenry will push their anger onto the leaders as Jesus did in the temple when he got angry.

Our forefathers fought with their blood for our sovereignty, what are we leaving behind for the generations to come after us?

God help us all and may nature help us understand our purposes.

Ma ɔman yi ho nhia wo sɛneɛ wo kraa ho hia wo no.


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