27.07.2022 Feature Article

Africa: God needs you

Africa: God needs you
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"Lord the old man in the White House, Joe Biden, is crumbling leaving many supporters disappointed behind. Donald Trump might rise again for the second round of destruction. Can the world still look up to the USA for leadership?"

"No, their time in history is ending."

"Can the Europeans replace them?"

"Do not wake up the old men, let them enjoy a good long rest."

"The Russians then?"

"They have no genuine interest nor capacity especially not in Africa except for using the black continent for their strategic good."

"But the Chinese, they must be the chosen one, right my Lord?"

"Wrong again, my son. They only need Africa to lift themselves in world politics and economics. No genuine interest in Africans."

"So my good Lord, who on earth has a genuine interest in Africa and the world could look up for leadership?"


"Are you serious, my Lord? These people?"

"Read my words again in your Bible. There I said I know each one of you even before he was born. So I speak the truth and my will. But I gave you the spirit of free will. Based on your own will, your action or inaction you Africans decide your fate. Don't blame anyone for having misused you as all that had happened and still going on with the right mind and ways have taken you could have prevented the sad history for yourself you could have taken the Europeans as slaves and exploited as in times past your societies were much further advanced than the one of the white man."

"Africans don't like to hear that, my Lord."

"I know that which is why they have not advanced to glory. Why do you think I started the human race in Africa and not anywhere else. I certainly had my very good reasons. Think about it and see what I am still waiting for."

"Will it ever happen, my Lord?"

"The blame game or the rising of Africa?"

"Both...both my Lord as they are the two sides of the same coin."

"The will and decision lie entirely in the hands of the Africans themselves, my son. I can open the doors of dominion but when Africans are busy standing before it discussing the future but do not move forward..."

"It will be a sad story in the end."

"History is what you make out of your time and resources and how you deal with the issues hitting your society from outside and within."

"Truly, you are great, my Lord."

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