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Fifteen years away from home can take its toll.

Fifteen years away from home can take its toll.
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Across the Atlantic Homecoming May 15th, 2005 Fifteen years away from home can take its toll. I left Ghana at the age of seven on what I thought was a brief trip to visit my father in America. I never came back. Time has transformed close family members to mere names, favorite places to blurred pictures, and my first language – Twi – into a broken, halting, syntax. In many ways, I have become a stranger to my family, my country and my culture.
This is a transformation, which many Ghanaians who move abroad might identify with. Although nothing can replace the joy of physically coming home, this column is my attempt to do so - at least on paper. Hence the name of my column. Across the Atlantic, seeks to do just what its title suggests: reach out across the divide to connect a Ghanaian in America to Ghanaians back home. Though we are on different continents, I hope to place us on common ground through dialogue on a variety of topics, from politics to family to fashion.
Ultimately, Across the Atlantic, is not just my platform – it is yours as well. You can look forward to reading about a myriad of subjects and experiences that are important to me and of interest to you. Despite the diversity and range in topics, each column will be impassioned, intelligent, and sincere – much like the man who inspired me to begin writing in the first place, my father, Kabral Blay-Amihere.
Look out for Zandile's next Column titled "A Letter to Kabral" to be published Tuesday, May 31st, 2005. You can send your thoughts and responses to Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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