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Highnoon in Africa

Highnoon in Africa
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For thousands of years, Africa had dominion over the world. While the white man jumped from trees to trees and slept in caves the black Homo Sapiens from Mali healed the Egyptian Pharaohs as medicine and sciences were well advanced in the Sahara and on papyrus written messages were easily delivered to them.

The tipping point of development and world power came when the white caveman left his comfort zone and was blessed with religion, a system of constant improvement, while the well educated, well trained, and mannered black Homo Sapiens decided to enjoy the benefits of witchcraft, experience with no progress, and the sun of Africa, relaxed in the bosom of old traditions.

Unprepared as they were even able to get well prepared years in advance they saw the landing on their beaches of the white man to take them as slaves and exploit the continent. Time had passed to have a chance and take the ancestors of the white caveman as slaves of Africans.

The African countries fought for independence and got it. African nations decided to be governed by a democratic system. This system laid the responsibility into the hands of each citizen. The mandate was given to them to ensure happy and prosperous nations and vote for leaders to guarantee the way to constant prosperity. The call to decide on strong leadership wise and powerful enough to fight against any negative interference of the white man and see the truth behind his sweet words and strategies, get correct prices for the nation's natural resources was not answered by the African voters.

Africa seems to enjoy the role of the victim like in a Shakespeare drama. To be the creator of a better world, countries of progress ready to take once more dominion over the world are far from them.

The intellectual elite, journalists, citizens, Philosophers, Political Scientists, politicians, and lecturers of Africa, is a busy bodies discussing internal problems caused by their own and outside forces highlighting the narrative of the African victims. Karl Marx wrote his "Capital", Mao his " Bible" and Adolf Hitler his "My fight" to outline their dreams of one thousand years and the roadmap to achieve their vision.

No one of the African intellectual elite has so far written a similar book to let the world know how Africans want to world to be and to be a better place for mankind and humanity for hundreds of years to come. They do not share with the world what contribution Africa has to make and will undertake to achieve their big dream for all men on the blue planet Earth.

It is Highnoon for Africa to leave the role as victims behind buried in the darkness of history and be the creator of a better world to be.

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