25.05.2022 Feature Article

Angry Teenagers bought lies Amid U.S Mass Shootings

Angry Teenagers bought lies Amid U.S Mass Shootings
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When some males+ buy lies, domestic+ violence may follow, genderlessly. Texas shooting is domestic violence or is u.s terrorizing world emotions? Buying lies is worse than buying guns, but a nation or world is yet to fully comprehend the dangers of lies, nor the power of truth. We adore their wealth or their gifts, loans, or what else? A fraction of them see the dangers of lies, but think truth cannot defeat lies, censorship they recommend? Both parties think lying to the world is sometimes in u.s interest and support hunting the truthful beyond sanctions. One racist party think truthful history is dangerous and shaming whites.

The other sexist party think lying for women is kindness. When you call ripping or melting a baby's leg, 'a woman's body' and cannot see the lie, or double down against the truthful on gender lines, you become willfully blind. When you think any woman who accuses a man, punishment or stopping even working opportunities should start, even before investigations, then double down against when lying women are caught, then you re-accuse society or one gender... What sin have we committed to be tested with Russia, u.s+? May be I/we bought some lies before, but at least I understand more truth will help, not lies...

Remember they also lied 'no medical value in Cannabis' , despite the history they hid. When society bought that lie, a war against mainly blacks and men was waged by the racist and sexist parties until whites and females got affected more directly. And Biden+ is still in denial of truth, delaying legalization and costing lives and opportunities. Let us empathize, but know that truthful advice may be the highest kindness, especially on public affairs. May we always side with Intelligence, Truth, and Kindness.

Shooting his own Grandma over what and knew societyvwill hunt him, so go after society? Rightful or wrongful over control at home, permitted by the school or state that told him that 'he is lucky to be born in the best country'. Well, that is another dangerous supremacy based on lies and can have multiple effects. When the best seems terrible, where will you run to? When the best may censor you, acting is encouraged and dangerous acting may come. When the best give you right to gun due to money+ and deny you right to heal with cannabis, due to money, then how many industries are guilty beyond 'gun lobby'? If the best ever deny you legal gun without enough education, then the illegal gun market is an option for those who are angry for months, and it will be easier to buy than sex.

Some bosses have problems at home, usually a wife they fear, and then take it out at innocent maids , children, or junior employees, at work . Some take drugs or alcohol to escape home problems. An unhappy home can dangerously spill way outside the home. Feel free to try the old way or consider a future we can research with care over capitalist greed. A future of more individualism, where homes are designed to cater for possible separation and even divorces. A future where mid teenagers can move to special hemp housing if they feel uncomfortable at home. A future with culture of cameras by individuals more than NSA type of discriminatory selective justice from the dangerous indiscriminatory surveillance.

A happy sex life is good for both and can tame many men. When men are in love, they value life lot more and less likely to be violent. We cannot guarantee men love, but we can educate them on how to search for love and smartly pressure women to love more. The pressure just have to be factual. Our societies keep pressuring men with a lie by repeating 'every woman deserves love', but how often you hear men deserve even sex? She needs to hear every good man deserves love, and cruel women do not deserve love. We can legalize prostitution without encouraging it. The effects will not necessarilly be teenagers going to brothels, but it will make women stop fearing men just want sex. Men+ need sex, but we want more than sex, at least the average male. When you educate the men, they will never prefer prostitutes, but may resort to it than drugs, rape, lying to women, etc and that is a compromise they can grow from.

The worldwide legalization of cannabis will also likely reduce difficulty to access sex and happiness. Better than alcohol on sex drive and sexual knowledge, even the chief anti marijuana folks claimed 'it make white women wanna be with blacks+'. That was terrible news when interracial marriage was illegal in u.s and the racists were also sexists against men having easy sex. Even animals have easier sex than many men, but society cannot see the dangers of such. Whereas we do not want to see people having sex like animals, we must admit humans are sexual beings and even prisoners deserve reasonable sexual access. The koran (Recitation) claims, ' the people of hell and their spouses'... what! Sex in hell? It may mean pornography, men paying for no service or disservice. It may mean a brothel, men paying for low service or disservice until rescued with education and higher service? It may mean worse, a wife denying husband sex for months and he risk jail if he takes prostitute? It may mean LGBTQ, prison sex, or people having sex with animals. Whatever it means, let us not deny one earthly gender sex with outrageous dowry or begging for sex, especially our age.

When male+ buy lies that sex is the highest happiness, they may sadly do many things to get sex, and sometimes against women. When sex becomes one of the great blessings, they may seek higher than sex, while appreciating sex, but those who worship women and sex may call that a disaster. This is why I said, the so called non prostitutes will always determine if prostitution thrive, barely survive, or die in a given society? Am sorry for grandma, but how she treated grandpa and son or daughter on sex? May be she was an angel or indifferent to men and helped bring a male monster, who seems worse? If prophets had bad children, we have no right to accuse her, but every right to discuss what kind of home education, home treatment, social education and treatment contributed to this? The liars may mistaken contributed as warranted and shoot me with censorship and other accusations? Our task is not to over value anything, anyone, or any place, or we risk under valuing similarly and dangerously. The men who batter were often over valuing, but we welcomed that wrong until it bounces to painful under valuing. Learning measurable ways is very hard. Many immigrants over value places and risk their lives to reach u.s or xyz. Their children may over value things or someone, and may risk what or endanger who. The lies we sell about western opportunities contribute to immigration problems, but you can focus on the fractional facts. You look deep, God bless learning and working more than u.s+, women+, and what you may over value. Truth is the easiest route to access God's intelligence and kindness. So I warn you to avoid ever thinking Truth is the problem, denying truth is the problem. If you look at the age of the victims, you can choose to blame them as a mentally ill culprit, or he chose them to inflict the most harm against a society that helped him, under helped him, or harm you lot less than he was reacting to? Mid teenage crisis is becoming worse than mid life crisis. May God bless Showlove Trinity: Let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga kebba Gigo

AN Activist and Transformer

Twitter: jarga_k_gigo

Note: How many hours before we hear from the parents, lover or ex lovers, friends, etc of the culprit. The media rush to locate witnesses, but timely hearing from those who knew culprits is vital. I am not blaming them, but we must learn to help our problematic folks or such 'shame' may follow. Allowing people vent on social media will help some not to ever act, based on hope; it also give us the opportunity to study and educate, but some may choose censorship without calculating resort reaction of people who may think they are victims. The mainstream media and politicians have misinterpreted many things and consequently endorsed wrong remedies. I know dangerous lies exist in social media, but the remedy is not censorship. Politicians and mainstream media must not also just avoid lies, but learn to appreciate truth more. There is no such thing like 'the truth is too much' for public consumption, then allow a lie as debate. Fox news or xyz showing a video of stage three abortion and asking is this the body of a baby or woman may seem distasteful, but it will kill a lie among millions who hear and echo, but never think or saw... such showing can reduce the possible violence some threaten over looming supreme court reversal of Rowe vs Wade, and I rather see an abortion video to reduce abortion than actual violence you must report on...

'When in God's name will we stand to gun lobby', a president asked? When in Truth's name will you believe truth can kill lies, that God (Kindness) did not made a mistake when he made cannabis, that Terrible Trump partially rectify you and Obama through hemp legalization; that the kindness of God through cannabis far outweighs your so called empathy; that men deserve love like women, or at least free or cheap sex than alcohol, etc. We know buying lie of 'replacement theory' contributed to buffalo shooting, buying lie that elections were stolen led to what, buying lie that s/he is the only one to make you happy lead to batter or worse. S/he is the chosen one and you should be grateful to each other, but if arrogance reach certain level, then separate and search with hope. Every man and woman deserves to know this.

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