08.09.2004 Feature Article

Obroni …… YES SIR!

Obroni …… YES SIR!
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'The Blackman is capable of managing his own affairs…' these are words of African leaders but sadly, the Blackman isn't, at least for Lazarus. (Ghana Airways)

Jesus Christ has come to resurrect Lazarus from the death, however Lazarus will continue to live in Ghana and Ghanaians will work hard to make sure that Lazarus risen from the death and live!

Before Jesus came, many prophets, seers and self-proclaimed archbishops tried to keep Lazarus alive but couldn't. Lazarus passed away leaving behind no 'abusuapanin' to take care of his funeral.

Obroni has come! I read his credentials, interesting but I also know many GHANAIANS with equal or higher credentials. These Ghanaians may not be given the peace and freedom to work, as for Obroni, he will get all the peace and enabling atmosphere just because he is Obroni.

Obroni's Yes will be Yes. Attitudes towards work will change. Maybe the Ghana Airways porters will no longer smuggle extra kilos into the plane, maybe Mr….. can't call and insist that he flies on tonight's flight at all costs without paying. Maybe management will not be sitting at clubhouse drinking beer whiles they forget to renew aviation formalities in the States.

Yes, Obroni commands fear simply because he is Obroni. The high civil servant at the Ministries will not carry 'Coat of Arms' letterheads and demand with impunity free tickets for staffs on official duties and later convert these tickets for use by his girlfriends or family. He is afraid of Obroni.

When Obroni says that plane departs at 21:00, it will not depart next week.

All what Obroni needs to do is issue instructions and the same old 'adongo' will please him by overdoing it. FANTASTIC!

Oh' Blackman! Why?

Hmmm, I can see Miss …. preparing her agenda to tell Obroni who is who. Mr. …. is also happy because at long last he can enjoy some of his denied benefits.

Obroni, akwaaba, please don't take advantage of our shortfalls – the usual Ghanaian saying, 'IF YOU CHEAT US, GOD WILL DEAL WITH YOU' hahahahaha Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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