Vilifying a Whole Human Dignity: Abena Dapaa’s Life Matter.

Feature Article Vilifying a Whole Human Dignity: Abena Dapaas Life Matter.
JUL 27, 2023 LISTEN

Believe you me, I have no fondness for creating a hook to grab my readers' attention, even so, the seeming media dictatorship and sensationalism must be a source of consternation to every well-meaning Ghanaian. A couple of months ago, Ghana went agog with atrocious stories about Benkum Senior High School headmaster allegedly sleeping with 15 schoolgirls.

The sin of the headmaster was that he released a teacher implicated in a leaked sex tape. The said teacher vowed to retaliate by leveraging his friendship with Captain Smart of Accra-based Onua TV to denigrate the beleaguered headmaster. G.E.S quickly came out to interdict the headmaster based on lies because it was in the media. Life is indeed a thoroughfare of uncertainty.

I have picked intelligence that the G.E.S wants to transfer the headmaster even though no prima facie case was established against him. What are the sins of Madam Cecilia Dapaa? Cecilia Abena Dapaa is a veteran politician. She has been around for quite some time. She is married. If Abena Dapaa invested her ex-gratia every four years, plus her salaries and allowances, she should be able to have $1 million.

No law in Ghana compels citizens to save their money at the bank. The Special Prosecutor must stop subjecting people to public disdain and opprobrium. If Ghana were left at the mercy of such conducts of juvenile lunacy, the country will sooner lose the moral guidelines of our territorial existence than we have done with human survival like the "galamsey" menace. No bi so, my friend Sharpoo?

Although many Ghanaians are aghast at the congenital na·ive·té of Abena Dapaa keeping her money at home, we have no evidence the money was stolen from the state. Abena Dapaa could be spiraling mentally and emotionally from the senseless backlash against her without any evidence. “Certitude is not the test of certainty. We have been cocksure of many things that were not so.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes. If anyone has any evidence of stealing against Abena Dapaa, take her to court. Leave Abena Dapaa alone! I have heard professors assenting to solipsism by condemning Abena Dapaa as if she was caught stealing and hoarding state cash. I shall return!

Nana Yaw Osei, PhD, Minnesota, USA
[email protected]