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Big to biggest devil contrasting with ID

Big to biggest devil contrasting with ID
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Big devils deny you fun, bigger devils deny you work, biggest devils deny you learning opportunities?

You can focus on big, bigger, biggest, but my point is learning and working opportunities are bigger than fun, without disrespecting fun. The word 'deny' in my title is accurately based on their intentions and efforts, but the results is not dictated by them, your reaction can make God to give you higher learning, working, and fun opportunities than they try to deny you. Again, it is good to know how devils operate, then it becomes harder to be misled by them, you may actually rescue some would have been victims and defeat the devils in even other explicit ways. War is not preferred, but war where need be.

I am actually battling one of the severest storm of arthritis that faced me within the past decade, but thankfully this time I am armed with mighty Marijuana, except not with the preferred levels of strain choices. If a middle age man used to cry when such attacks visited, today I am between pain and happiness. The attack is so severe that I am using a supporting stick to walk, and some anti marijuana folks in our very compound seemingly pity me due to the visible stress in how I struggle to walk.

Even some two year olds walk before they talk, so walking may be easier than talking, but walking is too little for me when I have the right strains, the ones that make you walk fast and strong are different from the Marijuana strains than makes you feel lazy. May be it is not all about strains, but I know there is a huge difference between the strains of marijuana more than the 'strains of men and women' , sexually . Compatibility exists in vaccines, marijuana, sex, etc . Believe it or not, vaccines and how the devils are weaponizing it is the primary purpose of me writing this article, but using Marijuana and sex as examples through history makes it easier for some to take sides.

Let's start with what most people can relate to, but will they respect consistencies in such a powerful title? The Talibans are the big, bigger, or biggest devils in denying learning opportunities to women? I will be called a hero for a minute in the west, not an hour? Well, if the first commandment in Islam is 'learn', then only a devil will deny learning opportunities to anyone in fear and self consoling on intentions and exiguous realities. Taliban do not hate women with intentions (why), but they hate or hurt women in how and when. They slowly grown from no learning for women/girls, but not together with boys?

May be not a bad idea at all, unless you believe the missionary christian schools in Africa are terrible beyond the tolerable? How terrible where/are the students of St Augustines High school (all boys school) and st Joseph high school (all girls school) in the Gambia or xyz in respect to sex, marijuana, rights, etc? Coincidentally, my bigger brother went to st. Augustine high school and he sadly seems to be pro alcohol over Marijuana, but this week he surprisingly sent me a pro cannabis hemp (CBD) material that was weak and mention a fraction of what hemp does? Does he and his type ever think about the effects of their positions in opposing cannabis legalization in the Gambia or u.s? His/their intentions are vital, but not any more than the intentions of the Taliban, the FGM inventing and practicing folks, Joe Biden on vaccines and marijuana, etc. Effects matters, not just intentions; why matters, but how is also a vital part of choice; A 'what' called cannabis helps, but how it is grown, where it originates as strain, and other factors play different roles to the actual effect.

I love being in the right direction, but speed matters or why is my slowly aided walk bothering those who oppose even medical cannabis, or where is their efforts to have at least legal medical cannabis worldwide? Of course I am referring to way beyond my blood family. Joe Biden started as a big devil who deny marijuana users fun opportunities and give them prison pain ; then he graduated to bigger devil title, by denying them working opportunities, so some may form gangs to be his slaves (inmates) and he focus on those who will conform due to respect or need for work, as semi slaves?

Through the nasty marijuana laws he and others wrote to enforce, work places than learning places discriminated against Marijuana users. You can easily find millions of people who were denied work due to marijuana usage through testing, not just asking. Colleges I know just asked if you use Marijuana, myself, Obama, and many folks lie to enter college on our marijuana usage, because we valued learning or assume the authorities who want to deny us learning opportunities must be insane and should be defeated by any means. That was for learning, but how about the varying types of lie by immigrants for working opportunities? Can light skin blacks lie they are Indians to learn when teaching blacks writing/reading was a crime?

Once I entered marijuana, I understand confronting the lies and cruelties of authorities should be done with preferably no lies or cruelties, but do not turn the other cheek, defeat them in their game.... So working access to the white house does not worth lying, but those whom Biden denied working opportunities at the Whitehouse due to current or prior marijuana usage were suppose to form a resisting Gang against Biden, using the Supreme court, the media, and real guarded physical rallies inside America.

Defeated devils like biden are angry. Millions of people in different states no longer deny working opportunities to marijuana users and that angers Biden more than Obama and Kamala Harris. I do not think I need to lecture you on how both helped Biden win the white house, but some of you may need to know both Obama and Harris admit to marijuana usage and are pro marijuana legalization in words, but their actions and lack of words to Biden to repent makes them devils too, house negroes or toadies in the new age? Sometimes secret advice is not enough, and nothing is harder than when you have hard advice to someone you love. I do not like mentioning my family in public , in positive or negative light, but sometimes it is not just unavoidable, but necessary. If we have to part, so be it, but only the devils and those misled by the devils support denying working opportunities to marijuana users , unvaccinated people, etc. Human beings must understand the dangers of exiguous realities and how overreacting can often be much worse.

Biden is raising more doubts on the vaccine by simply denying unvaccinated people working opportunities, when he was not suppose to allow even private businesses to have such powers. Punishment starts with denying or limiting needs like learning and working opportunities, and unnecessary punishment can divide people more than Trump tried to do.

When a millionaire basketball star is denied work over vaccine, it reaches the media to stunt why will someone rather lose millions than take a free vaccine, but that is actually to confirm millions of the poor who doubt this questionable vaccine are now jobless , and may form gangs or party with the 'vaccinated ' to 'infect' you? No, I do not believe unvaccinated people are more dangerous, not with covid 19. Then you have many more millions who are pressured to take the dick or vaccine, or no more work for you?

Pressure or manipulation they accuse R Kelly of, using legal drugging is what they accuse Bill Cosby of, but how many of their victims were told ' take the dick' or you cannot start work, 'keep quite about it', or you will be fired ' for being Assange or revealing classified information of a questionable individual, company , or state? The trials confirm too many women worship money and Trump was not supposed to apologize for his truthful and imperfect words about women; let women repent first and respect marijuana and at least the good people inside marijuana. The silence and under reactions of real victims contribute to continuous crimes to others, and that is why I consider some silent folks as co-culprits, including the women some dubbed as 'hero'. We said sex, vaccine, and marijuana as examples, so we must occasionally intertwine the evidence on how big to biggest devils work.

When you allow big devil's lie, you grow the devil to be bigger, and allowing again lead to biggest devil status? When they deny tourism privileges to marijuana users or unvaccinated folks, how many shrug it off? When we allow Joe Biden to deny marijuana users working opportunities at the white house and varyingly guilty states, we emboldened him to think he can dictate who gets working opportunities, even based on flimsy claims about marijuana or the vaccine.

Those who believe in medical Marijuana and say Biden can fire such by hiding behind the law are not much different than Martin Luther King should not March for water tap discrimination or voting rights, 'water is water', 'voting will not change the conditions of blacks'; he should not condemn the Vietnam war or resist like Muhammad Ali, he should go kill Vietnamese like Colin Powell killed and got hurt to make and regret or be proud of how many choices? No, I am not trying to judge the death, all three of the mentioned are now in the hands of the best judge, but we have the right to learn, even if it means mentioning/studying the death. Colin Powell, I admire to some degree and surely wish him well as a late repenter; he was said to be fully vaccinated but had other health issues. I am concern with mindset, not just actions.

Did Colin Powell had the mindset that unvaccinated people put him at risk with almost no evidence like the stockpiles of chemicals in Iraq? Minus 25 or xyz percent if guilty on virus, but I still prefer Powell over saddam. Did he had the mindset that those who refused vaccination should be denied working opportunities? Then he and many of the vaccinated should die and be charged with killing and torturing people over faith or lack of faith in vaccine? If they want to advice people truthfully about the vaccine, they have my support; but if they think they have the right to deny people working opportunities for not vaccinating or for using Marijuana, then may God proportionately curse them and help us with better than what they try to deny us.

The world is very complex and regardless of how many new ways the devils try to suppress people, the evidence of how we continue to defeat devils is worth studying. We briefly talked about how the Taliban deny women learning or equal learning, despite learning being the first commandment to Muhammad and all Muslims, and all humans for that matter. If there were enough good Muslims in u.s government, they can easily use the Koran leaning Islam to rescue the Taliban, not just the women. If there were enough truthful whites in America, then they would have admitted the bigger and biggest white devils denied learning opportunities to blacks based on exiguous realities, but did America regret educating blacks or did the devil spirits ran to Afghanistan? Did the Americans who have good and questionable marijuana users as coworkers regret marijuana legalization?

I or no sane person promised you life will be perfect, once marijuana is legalized, but we are certain it is much better than criminalization. The problems by legal alcohol is a reality far more than exiguous realities, but still better than trying to criminalize it. The mighty Koran is a resources that may not be utilized by those who had it first or have it now, similar to the resources in Africa that Africans do not know, under utilize, or even complain about in ignorance. The first two are evident, but when intolerable number of Africans complain about the sun, it scares the hell out of me and push me towards fighting against the people I love most. It makes me want to imprecate that God should take them away from our awesome sun until they learn to appreciate it, or at least stop complaining about it. That they should be moved to the desert, ice, or grave, but let God's sun keep shining enough for me and the grateful plants, including marijuana. Yesterday, I was indoor all day, no sunlight? I wondered what sin i committed for God to 'deny' me his sunlight, one whole day.

Today, I am writing this article lying on a beach bed in a sunny compound, instead of the nice sandy beaches of Ginack or any nice African beach. If my life is all about marijuana as some people accused, then I would have been in Canada today, but I prefer the sunlight over the cold. I am more African than the average Africans, and the sun, marijuana, other plants, and even my sickness stand as witnesss for me. However, I prefer the Canadians who occasionally say 'nice weather' at times, when it is sunny, over the Africans who complain about the sun? How often do you hear Africans claim nice weather today, probably when plants and machines are asking why should God withhold a blessing over the complaining or lack of thanks of the guilty or questionable?

As said, I am having a personal storm called arthritis visiting me, marijuana is helping differently due to lack of enough choice in strains. Nonetheless, I am having over thousand laughs despite the occasional pain. I Am still capable of moving my mind to write, so the under moving of my leg or body is just a sad reality to confront, like Biden and Barrow as presidents.

Confident that if I was at the beach, broad strains of marijuana, in a gym, getting professional massage, etc it may help fight the storm, like some housing do better than others in storms. So you can see money helps, not just marijuana, but do not join the devil in unnecessary denial of working rights based on flimsy evidence. Some of you may regret worse than Colin Powell, because you refuse to ask enough questions. They already admitted their vaccine cannot stop transmission and fair enough.

They claim the vaccine reduces pain and death, then may be we should separate the hospitals of the vaccinated and unvaccinated; the nurses and doctors who oppose vaccination can treat rather than be fired; we can video tape or at least have numbers of days vaccinated and unvaccinated people are in bed and/or die? Do not foolishly accept vague claims without numbers, there is nothing hard in changing the reporting was: 1000 deaths/confirmed infection today, 500 were fully vaccinated, 300 were semi vaccinated, 200 were unvaccinated is much better than sporadic media misleading information visiting ten unvaccinated dying folks regretting lack of vaccination and ignoring the Colin Powells or those they claim were fully vaccinated and dying? We know millions had covid with near zero pain , so they cannot claim the vaccine is the only way to avoid covid pain.

I had covid and fought the pain off with Marijuana, but Biden and Nancy Pelosi prefer alcohol and bragging about money. Someone reportedly stole a beer (alcohol) from Pelosi's office, Biden wants to bribe Americans with beer for the vaccine, then threatened them with poverty or work denial if you refuse the vaccine or dick on an arm, by force ? It makes no sense to remind him his over adored Obama under admitted marijuana is better than alcohol, scientifically and based on personal experiences. It is wishful thinking to assume Obama will openly criticize Biden as he would have with Trump. So let us be like best of Africans, let's invent cultures to cure or mitigate problems. How about a one page unsigned discreet letter from all ex-presidents in a drop-in box , every three months, plus similarly from members of your own party, discreetly.

Or They can travel once every three months to drop that letter of advice . Such a culture can help even Trump understand many Republicans disdained his positions. President Bush can tell Biden how denying people work over a questionable vaccine can be a dangerous precedent and turn against vaccine and government trust. Obama and Harris can talk about marijuana in ways they cannot publicly or even in a secret private meeting with Biden. They will try to convince, and it will work more times than the contrast. I was loaded with Marijuana, enjoying under the sun and sweating in October, will go back in for Marijuana for pain relief, ideas, editing, etc. May God bless Showlove Trinity: let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga kebba Gigo

OASN: My sister went to all girls christian school, my brother went to all boys christian school. Separating gender schooling is wrongly imported from Christians. I think people like them or people who know such can confirm that it is not a big problem, even though, not preferred? Did the all-boys school got more funding and better teachers in your country? They cannot be equal and I suspect the girls will get more, but was there tolerable differences? I believe in tolerance, and that includes the Taliban. We should advise them on possible pitfalls, but we should help where we can. Helping reduce the bombs at mosques is helping people, not Taliban. Donate metal detectors 'by women who studied next to men', but do not over politicize or lie. The west have too many sexual problems and may face lot more, so no country should do exactly like the west, on sex.

Separation based on gender under addresses only some set of sexual issues, but life is bigger than sex, despite created through sex? Great Sexual education and great sexual services will naturally reduce or eliminate many sexual problems of the world, and cannabis may help. We can listen, but the sexual fruits of the west are disturbing to be above challenging?

Cities/countries with very high vaccination ratio are not doing much better, so we must cautiously punish. I believe in statistics over claimed studies. Sometimes you have to start with studies, but covid is at a level where real numbers matter over study numbers.

Feel free to oppose Marijuana, but denying them working opportunities is way too much. It was not the hundred of thousands in prison for Marijuana in u.s that bothered me most; it was the millions denied work over Marijuana usage in u.s versus the millions of responsible Canadians who work and use Marijuana that triggered raising my war to have marijuana legalized way before Canada formally did. Similarly, you can believe in vaccines, but going to the level of denying people working opportunities based on flimsy evidence is too much and asking for war, including imprecations.

The millions dying in highly vaccinated cities and countries are evidence against some, and well meaning intentions cannot save you from a God who is circumspect beyond why and respect personal rights of even atheists. Do not be drunk with alcohol or the power of Babylon/law? Use conscience or you may deeply regret supporting Biden and cowardly cohorts, who are arrogantly denying people work over taking marijuana or refusing a vaccine that seems to be hardly working.

They need a new and better vaccine, not new questionable laws or booster shots till when? Now You are creating more divide through covid than Trump, and the guilty media is not counting Biden lies and misleading statements? It does not matter who does it more, it was suppose to be the new culture America should export than vaccines; it was suppose to make Presidents be very careful and understand new form of historical records is emerging. I won't support Trump, but I wish he raises it as evidence of bias media and urge fox News to start their own for Biden, Kamala Harris, and Nancy Pelosi. Politicians should understand the dangers of lying and misleading information, but we under seize the opportunities of the Trump presidency? Similarly, how they use questionable evidence to deny people working opportunities over Marijuana is sadly not studied enough, or they would have repented, not escalating.

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