06.10.2021 Feature Article

Odasani: Enough of your ingratitude towards God

Odasani: Enough of your ingratitude towards God
06.10.2021 LISTEN

In Economics, a commodity such as air is naturally in abundant supply and need no conscious effort to obtain it. Such goods are referred to as 'free goods' but are indispensable in the life a person's survival.

Have we wondered how much we would have paid if we are to pay for the air we breathe in and out in relation to the price of oxygen we pay in our hospitals?

The answer to the above is very important if we are to appreciate the invaluable nature of certain things we tend to underestimate, one of such being the power of choice we enjoy in freedom.

I was watching a telenovella (Double Kara on Max tv) today and guess what! A lady locked up in a police custody (Alexandra "Alex" Acosta-Hernandez) was in a queue together with her mates in the police cells for their food.

She quickly smelled the food as soon as hers was handed over to her by the matron and asked them how possibly she could eat a food of that nature.

The matron abruptly brushed her aside and moved on to the next detainee with a perfunctory statement like " so what should I do about it"

This got me arrested with a lot of things running through my mind and there and then, it dawned upon me that we have been inexplicably ungrateful to God for our lack of appreciation over the little things bestowed upon us in the shape of all the mercies including the power to choose soo many things at will without limitations in freedom.

Nonetheless, because we do not just enjoy the freedom of the power to choose such things but also have them in abundance anytime, we tend to devalue the importance of the freedom to choose certain things in our lives.

The opportunity to eat the food of your choice is enough reason to thank God. One does not value such little things unless a reflection of the life of a prisoner dawns upon him or her.

Let's give thanks to God for such invaluable power of choice by virtue of the chance we have to a list of menu without restrictions, feedom of movement, freedom of worship and freedom of other Freedoms we enjoy all of which have been possible due to the grace of God.