Give Felix Afena-Gyan a break

Feature Article Give Felix Afena-Gyan a break

I do not subscribe to the advice of people that is directed at the door step of Afena-Gyan over his declining of a supposedly last-minute call up to the Black Meteors.

I don't have any links with Afena-Gyan but what the football people continue to do by inviting and playing some select few as if the Black Stars were their private organisation is despicable and I trust Gyan can rise without any national team.

Indeed Salisu did and many other players have done exactly so. Inaki for instance, upon all his form for his club did absolutely nothing at the mundial so why would you overlook the toil of Gyan in the two legged Nigeria tie? The nepotism and business oriented Black Stars is not what builds a player!

Let no one underestimate his runs in the Nigeria tie, a young player in the mist of very experienced Nigerian defenders and being pushed and kicked around was a no joke, we must all understand this!

What is the guarantee that he would have been fielded even for a second should he have honoured their invite because he was not in their plan. They only invited him at the instance of the public raising issues over his exclusion.

The Black Meteors plays Algeria today, 24th March, 2023 so what guarantee would we have that his coming was going to benefit the team granted he would even play considering the short time he would have for proper training integration into the team?

Let the GFA continue with their footballing business!