Fix the demands of UTAG and all teachers NOW.

Feature Article Fix the demands of UTAG and all teachers NOW.
OCT 7, 2021 LISTEN

It will be so embarrassing, insulting, ignominious, and tantamount to punishment in its highest degree with supersonic speed approaching wickedness if the government in power should sit with arms folded to see University Teachers' Association of Ghana to resume their strike. What else will be so scandalous than turning deaf ears to the plights of teachers and lecturers in this nation? Taking those who teach us how to build a nation and roof it for granted is nothing far from collapsing the nation and addressing their plights to create a perfect environment for them will be the right way to go. Infact, it is so evil to be plundering the nation's resources voraciously for your own aggrandizement without a commiseration, yet you can not address the hardships of the teachers, lecturers and other public servants across the nation.

Telling UTAG that there is no money in the system is an indirect insult in their face knowing very well that politicians have their salaries increased by 79% while the public servants' by 4 %. It is villainous and mischievous enough to call for a disapprobation? UTAG has endured this pain for s long yet government seems to underestimate them to the extent of drastically reducing the monthly take home for an entry point university teacher from a cedi equivalent to USD 2,084 in 2013 to a cedi equivalent to USD 997 in 2021.

Why the reduction if you can't increase it for them? Genuinely speaking, since you can not increase their monthly take home entry point, it has to be left as it was from 2013. This reduction by the government needs no blame on the depreciation of the cedi because it is this very government that said confidently that the dollar will be arrested, caged, chained till the six turns nine but shamefully, the dollar has overpowered them and unknown devils and principalities have been tagged as the persons who are working against the development of the nation. What an infantile talk full of jokes and lies!

What at all on this earth will trigger teachers to be irritated than saying ''Teaching can't make you a billionaire''?

What at all will effort UTAG to be annoyed than planning to buy a private jet when they were told that there is no money in the purse.

What again will irk UTAG to resume their strike endlessly than reducing their monthly take home money instead of increasing or maintaining it at where it was?

Leaving UTAG without settling their demands to resume their strike will be something that won't be in a good direction knowing the effects of strike on the teaching and learning of the students.

Mr. President, with all due respect, address the needs of UTAG before the date for their strike resuming is reached to safe the nation from embarrassment, chaos and to enable we the students to have quality education without interruption. If possible reduce your salary and other government appointees to take care of the teachers across the nation. The teaching field as a whole needs a total rehabilitation.

I am a patriotic citizen but not a spectator. This is written not to anger anyone but to draw the government's attention on the current development which I strongly believe that they are aware.

Article by Daniel Losu Mensah (Efo Losu).

Concerned UG student.

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