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The Next Frontier - Part 7

Theater Play in three acts
The Next Frontier - Part 7
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European White Man`s wife: "You never know whether or not the Black Man will wake up and realize who he is. He is far from us, physically seen, but in the end, he is part of us as we are all brothers and sisters, I mean sons and daughters of the highest, our Lord. He is indeed far from us yet so close. I mean, when the time should be there he wakes up, uses what we have left behind, improves on it...oh Lord, then the race would be on. It even could be that he overtakes us in which case we would be in great trouble...he above us... ."

European White Man: "Anything in this universe is possible. But what matters to us is how possible, how likely that we will ever see this scenario...the black man knocking at doors to stand mighty before us for us to follow him."

European White Man`s wife: "You can never be certain until he has proven himself of what he wants to do in life. When he is blinded by the used paradise we left behind and sits relaxed in our armchairs... then we have a good chance to get away with it and never see him standing tall above our heads."

European White Man: "Remember how much time and resources we white people needed for telecommunication, landline and then mobile phones. Africans were able to tap right into mobile phones giving them a kind of headstart of their own. If they use what we have left behind and jump over what we are about to discover and invent and build... then we are in serious trouble."

European White Man`s wife: "The devil should be before that and stop it from happening."

European White Man: "He actually might."

African Black Man`s wife: "Today you look very tired, my love."

African Black Man: "I am very tired. The whole day discussions after discussions."

African Black Man`s wife: "What kind of?"

African Black Man`s son: "I hope you were successful, Daddy."

African Black Man: "As a CEO of a car manufacturer you have to be smart and wise. everyone tries to take advantage of you. They negotiate with you about prices and quality conditions the suppliers from around the world for doors, seats, microchips and what have you not. everyone wants the highest price and I have to cool them down to give us the lowest price."

African Black Man`s wife: "but you know how to make it work...I mean profitable."

African Black Man: "For sure I know...I am an African after all. So I asked each delegation to see me one by one. In clear and powerful words, I told them they cannot be part of our manufacturing process if I will not also benefit from it. The salary I get is too small. How to pay for all that we want to have? It is not possible."

African Black Man`s wife: "I trust you and know the delegations did understand your position and words very well."

African Black Man: "of course they do understand as they are also black. They are from Africa and are now CEO of car components companies in various parts of the world. It is in their blood, so no one needs to speak another language. we are all on the same level. I mean, after all, the buyer will never know that he has paid for his car more than he is supposed to. When he sees the price and the car and likes it...who cares?"

African Black Man`s wife: "And after all, we bring back the money into the economy as we buy many things from it that gives employment to many people...right?"

African Black Man: "Of course, that is wisdom. We do not keep too much money in our bank accounts for rainy days but spend most of it right now on all possible luxurious items that someone must produce for us. So, what we do is not a sin but a decision to have people work for their children and feed them. What the web does are rightful steps to distribute the money among people by our mind and creative mind...that is all. So when the white man makes loud noise he better should keep quiet and follow our good heart."

African Black Man's wife: "I mean after all the white man is never a Saint. There is also corruption on his mind."

African Black Man: "But in that this time we are the Champions."

African Black Man`s wife: "We are good for something."

The Devil: "I Hear my name. You are calling on me?"

The Devil: "We do not have to call on are always there beside us. But anyway thanks for asking."

African Black Man: "I have heard the rumour that in the world of the white man on Moon and Mars and their many galactic giant space ships entrepreneurship is key. They promote and encourage people to open their businesses and award them more than workers or government officials. Someone creating jobs for himself and others seems to be the new hero. Are you responsible for that?"

The Devil: "No, I am not responsible for that. This will lead mankind into a better world even faster something, not in my interest. Creativity that is positive and productive is contra-productive in my eyes. All I can see in the white people is that they have separated themselves from me too much. Even the poorest minded people do not care about me anymore. Crime rates have come down, lies are less and corruption...oh, the good olden days are no heart is bleeding."

African Black Man`s son: "Devil...please do not be so need to cry. I promise you I will always make you happy and be with you. And I will also make sure that even my kids will give you comfort and follow your instructions by the letter."

The Devil: "That is reassuring...and now my tears are dry. I truly love you for your kind son."

African Black Man`s son: "Yes, you can always rely on us the young generation, the youth."

The Devil: "If I had a daughter I would give her hand in marriage to you, my son."

African Black Man`s son: "You honour me too much, my good comrade."

African Black Man`s wife: "My love what can we do against all these people giving birth still to too many children. Our planet is overcrowded too much now. More and more children are born and the old people live a healthy long life. One day the benefit we have from the white man will be eaten up by them."

African Black Man: "We try to make the social systems the white man left behind for us in his countries work well and help us. But I can also see that the managers of these systems have misplaced priorities so the money is not enough."

African Black Man`s wife: "You mean...misplaced priorities means their plans are not working and some money... ."

African Black Man: "Used for their spouses...somewhere, somehow. We still try hard to find out the ways this could have happened...but all that we know right now my friends in politics are telling me is that some big money vanished into the darkness of life."

African Black Man`s wife: "But private bank accounts and big cars and big mansions stand right in the shining where is the darkness you are talking about?"

African Black Man: "But darling, you know waya back in Africa politicians and businessmen...their wives knew how much their husband was earning and that based on that mansion they had and cars they drove...that was simply not a match."

African Black Man`s wife: "Yes, all this happened in broad daylight under the nose of the citizens that had to pay the price by suffering in pain."

The Devil: "Suffering in pain...what a sound of great words...what a sound of great feelings...I love it. Destiny is calling."

African Black Man: "Then the white man did not hear you well."

The Devil: "He has fallen off from sad for him."

European White Man`s wife: "What do you hear about the cold planet Pluto and the technological advance of the powers to settle on it?"

European White Man: "Just yesterday we had a meeting in our office and our boss told us that for our scientist it was really hard work to find a solution to how humans can get there and what it takes to settle on Pluto. We hear other scientists from our competitors have seen the same problems and are at an advanced stage to come up with a solution."

European White Man`s son: "But must hurry up to be the first. Second, best is never good."

European White Man: "My are so wise for which I will always love you. But listen, my son, in life and science it is always like that without a certain portion of will stay behind the one that was blessed with and by luck."

European White Man`s son: "Than Daddy...each night and day from now going I will pray for you to be inspired fast by the Lord to find the answers that you need to be and say in the lead."

European White Man: "That is my son...always supportive, always around when help is needed. I love you, my son and I always will."

European White Man`s son: "I love you always...Daddy."

European White Man`s wife. "And I love both of the moon and back."

European White Man: "Back to Mars or Earth?"

European White Man`s wife: "Back to earth? You must be kidding. To see the destruction caused by the people we left way. Life is moving forward and not backwards."

European White Man: "Not everyone among us, the human race, has heart your words. Say it loud and over and over again."

European White Man`s wife: "As long as we among us know what we should know and know what we know... ."

European White Man`s son: " are confusing me."

European White Man`s wife. "My son...take things easy. All I am saying why to share what we know with people that do not understand what we say and would never be willing to learn from us. I mean for sure we have left big footprints behind in which anyone can step in to follow us. But when people decide because of their tradition not to follow in our footsteps... then what can you do?"

European White Man`s son: "To keep your secrets all for yourself."

European White Man`s wife: "And that is exactly what we should do we also need to protect our soul from the bad influence of the people that do not want to learn from us but walk their talk and paths."

European White Man`s wife: "People that do not want to learn Mummy, I think they should get punished."

European White Man`s wife: "It is not on us to punish anybody. It is on us to do what we are called to do and to move on never looking back."

African Black Man: "Sure, we have always to honour our ancestors. We should never forget what they stood for and wanted for us. Sitting under the village tree here I feel their presence. I can see our grandfather how he laboured hard and his sweat was watering his plantation. I see the blood flowing our forefathers lost in slavery. I can see the pain children were having and we sold them as slaves to the fisher folks on the big river. It was not the white man littering our environment and destroyed nature given to us. I see black people selling their kids into slavery and dumping plastic into nature. I see leaders using we had earnt money to build mansions for their families and we vote for the same bunch of people with different colours but twins by mind over and over again. I see how the witch was waiting for us coming late from church to bless us with the blood of a young goat and human parts harvested just a few days ago near the family home after playing football."

African Black Man`s wife: "Yes, my husband...I can feel your sentiments. These were the good olden days. Yet still much has changed. We live in a better world now, in the land of the white man. He has left a paradise behind, our birthright anyway. We see how he has lived made from our raw material and our blood, our time wasted."

African Black Man: "Which is true, my wife...we deserve this better life. But still...I feel this sentiment in my heart and my soul and cannot get away from it."

African Black Man`s wife: "It is the same for me and I guess for all of us. No one can separate himself from his roots, his lifeline to the past making it possible to find a better tomorrow in the certainty of our ancestors and their spirits. After all, otherwise without roots we would be lost and run around like mad chicken ready to be slaughtered and left to chance."

African Black Man: "Glory be to God that he has set us free from the white man."

African Black Man`s wife: "Amen."

African Black Man: "Have you seen on the way home the company building in which they used to produce electrical wires? It is closed."

African Black Man`s wife: "I have noticed it when I passed by the other day. Why?"

African Black Man: "I have seen lately some companies that used to work very well and give many people jobs be no more operational."

African Black Man`s wife: "That can be possible. But I have seen many other companies that were launched by our President giving the youth great work opportunities."

African Black Man: "Something I do not like is that our youth look for jobs instead of creating their own companies."

African Black Man`s wife: "Yes, you are right. That is something that I have noticed also. But I mean as long as we have some among us to create jobs...I guess it will work out fine."

African Black Man`s son: "One day I want to be a doctor."

African Black Man: "In a hospital or private practice?"

African Black Man`s son: " I will always have a good salary at the end of each month. And a good pension later."

African Black Man: "And when someone is in severe pain... ?"

African Black Man`s son: "The relatives always have some extra money in their bank accounts."

African Black Man: "You are too know...wisdom beyond imagination."

African Black Man`s son: "Tell me Daddy, is it a sin not wanting in life to go the extra mile and climb the next level and the next and the next?"

African Black Man`s wife: "My son, if we all would always want to excel beyond what is for us the human race would go beyond it is supposed to go. Remember Adam and Eve were not supposed to eat from the forbidden fruit and when they did they saw they were naked. They saw themselves as they were, not as they were supposed to live, that was in the Garden of Eden. God punished them by labouring and eat their daily bread while sweating. Considering that lesson to learn for us it means to be content with what we have and not to challenge God in any way."

The Devil: "Talk to me always...and leave God aside."

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