21.07.2021 Business & Finance

MTN introduces new network codes for users

Samuel KorantengSamuel Koranteng
21.07.2021 LISTEN

MTN Ghana has announced new network codes after it received new blocks of numbers from the National Communications Authority.

The new network codes are 059-7, 059-8, 059-9, 025-6 and 025-7.

These new network codes come to add to the existing codes of 024, 054, 055 and 059.

Commenting on the addition of the new codes and block of numbers, Chief Corporate Services Officer of MTN Ghana, Sam Koranteng, noted that the addition will help meet the needs of customers who require numbers for their personal use, businesses, mobile money business as well as other digital devices. The new number block will also help MTN Ghana in optimising its services with high quality data, voice and mobile money services.

He said, “We are excited about these new blocks of numbers because it will facilitate the fulfilment of our belief that everybody deserves the benefit of a modern connected life which starts with gaining access to a SIM card that connects you to the network.”

Sam Koranteng urged customers acquiring these new numbers to ensure that they register their SIMs using valid documents as required by law.

Mr. Abubakar Mohammed, the Acting Chief Sales and Distribution Officer of MTN, indicated that the new numbers are available at all MTN Service Centres and Connect Shops across the country. Customers will enjoy the opportunity of Dynamic Numbering Service where the system generates a list of random numbers for the customer to choose their preferred number.

The public is advised and reminded to take note of the addition of the new network codes to the list of MTN codes and to accept them for their activities. The format for making calls with these blocks of numbers remains the same. To make calls or send SMS customers are required to add relevant prefix to the number being dialed e.g. 025 and the customer's unique number (0257000000).

For international calls, customers will have to dial the country code, the relevant prefix and customer's unique number e.g. +233 25 7000000.

Customers are also to note that the official number of MTN Ghana remains 0244300000 and as a result, they are to be mindful of the activities of fraudsters and scammers who may take advantage of the new network codes to undertake fraudulent activities.