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Fallen Angels are evil spirits who afflict humans with disease, problems — Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Fallen Angels are evil spirits who afflict humans with disease, problems — Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
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LoveWorld Incorporated also called Christ Embassy Founder, Dr. Chris Oyakhilome has said fallen angels as described in the Bible are also known as demonic spirits or evil spirits which operate on different levels.

He noted that fallen angels are the ones that rebelled against God and were cast out of heaven. "This means those angels do not operate on the heavenly plain but on lower spiritual plains."

The names of some fallen angels within the Christian and Pagan Mythology are Moloch, Chemosh, Dagon, Belial, Beelzebub, Satan and others.

Pastor Chris indicated that the term fallen angel appears neither in the Bible nor in other Abrahamic scriptures but is used to describe angels who were cast out of heaven for sinning against God. "These are the angels which often tempt humans to sin."

According to Pastor Chris, fallen angels fall into two groups according to the Bible. "The first group were those that went along with Lucifer. Thus, they fell and followed Lucifer."

The second group of fallen angels, he indicated, were those who failed to keep their place but mixed with human beings on earth and have produced offspring that were referred to as giants.

Explaining further, he said angels are not a race, no two angels are the same and they do not reproduce. "They are all of different kinds and one angel is completely different from another angel. There is no race of angels".

He added, "Angels have no race and they rather belonged to different classes and their glory too are of different kinds. As such when the angels fell, they fell from such glory that they couldn't keep their celestial bodies because of the classes they belonged to.

Pastor Christ indicated that demonic spirits are fallen angels without their celestial bodies and as such take on different shapes to possess people.

"These are the ones that are demon spirits seeking bodies with which to manifest themselves. They don't have their celestial bodies and they take on different shapes of whatever they can to manifest themselves.

"Spirits can only act physically through people and they either influence your spiritual self to act according to their wish or better still possesses an individual to act in ways as pleases those spirits."

According to Oyakhilome, those fallen angels that have more glory possess people and those that have less glory are the ones that afflict people with all kinds of diseases and problems.

In Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's understanding, spirits operate according to ranks and those at the lower ranks or classes of the fallen angels are what he termed as demonic spirits which afflict people.

"A lot of times, they are referred to as spirits of infirmity. They attack and destroy the human body".

The LoveWorld Incorporated founder made these revelations in a sermon delivered to a church monitored on a Facebook page called "Affirmationtrain".

In concluding his sermon, Pastor Oyakhilome referenced Ephesians Chapter 6 of the Bible indicating that there are classes of spirits. "We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of the world and the next one is called spiritual wickedness in high places".

According to him, they are the ones that are in conflict with humans but are not the only categories of evils spirits in this world.

He stresses that the spirits that fell with Lucifer outnumber that of humans "but they all fell according to their glory which ensures order in the spiritual realm.

"As a result of this, higher spirits send lower spirits on errands to do their bidding and as such not all fallen angels have the same categorization but are all evil spirits."

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