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04.05.2021 Feature Article

A Quick Note to Jack Dorsey - Twitter's Prescient CEO

Jack Dorsey
LISTEN MAY 4, 2021
Jack Dorsey

Choosing Ghana was prescient. Power sector collaboration with the brilliant Ghanaian inventor, Raphael Afordoanyi, will enable you help prevent humankind from reaching the climate-change-tipping-point-of-no-return. Cool.

Alas, the oblivion-bound gobal-power-sector, nuclear included, is now obsolete - but blissfully unaware of their fate:

They are at the same point that manufacturers of horse-drawn carriages, and stage coaches, were, in 1860, when the first internal combustion engine was created by the Belgian inventor, Étienne Lenoir.

Raphael's serendipitous game-changing emission-free off-grid stand-alone clean power technology, will provide electricity that never goes off, regardless of prevailing weather conditions - and at tariff-rates cheaper than that from even nuclear power plants. Imagine that. Truly mind-boggling - the global power-sector's holy-grail, no less.

Reach out to inventor Raphael Afordoanyi: WhatsApp: +233 26 974 6270. It will make you trillions. Take the risk. Swiftly. You can help give humankind a second-chance-opportunity, which will usher in a pandemic-era period of unparalleled-prosperity, underpinned globally by 100 percent clean power - and banish extreme-poverty, worldwide, on top, too. Cool.

Because I often criticise our hard-of-hearing ruling-élites, in published articles (, I can easily be located by Ghana's security agencies, on whose radar I am - so you have nothing to worry about: This is not a scam.