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07.04.2021 Feature Article

States Do Not Live, Only Countries And People Do

States Do Not Live, Only Countries And People Do
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3-S Theory: a state is defined by State Territory, State Citizens and State Power.

The state is the organisation of collective minds managed by a few am on them while the collective minds stay to be the chairpersons of the few.

Countries are the defined territories of people in which borders they find a sense of home to create their own lives in a known environment which makes them feel comfortable or be seen as a place to have the right to shape its future.

States come and go in history, long or short, based on fundamental political changes or the back of countries to diminish into the book of history. States never create workplaces by themselves as States have no money. Money collected by the organisation of the State belongs to citizenship as much as debts accumulated by the management of the State under the watchdog, the chairpersons.

Ideas to create any part of a State comes out of the course of life, by which people and countries.

What are the consequences: everyone is free to hide in the closet and complain in tears about roads closed or diverted by the spirit and actions of others, see life as a great selfish handout, party time along from cradle to grave in private seclusion or come to terms with being born to be here and see life as it should be.

The one's feeling powerless must be constantly reminded of people that had walked long before us: Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Karl Marx, Alexander the Great, Adolf Hitler, Voltaire, Martin Luther among others.