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17.03.2021 Social News

Concerned Youth of Volta Region angry over offensive textbooks against Ewe tribes

Concerned Youth of Volta Region angry over offensive textbooks against Ewe tribes
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The Concerned Youth of Volta Region, have angrily reacted to what they described as offensive textbooks that have been published and distributed to schools.

They said the textbooks are distasteful and denigrating to the Ewe communities.

In a press release jointly signed by the group's Convener, Mr Wonder Setsoafia Deynu and Mr Bernard Edem Ahiekpor, Public Relations Officer respectively, they are calling for the withdrawal of the said books.

History of Ghana book 3 authored by Badu Nkansah and Nelly Martinson Anim, and Golden English book 4, authored by Okyere Naafi Alexander, these, the group said were written in bad faith to criticize the image and history of Ewes.

According to them, the authors have up to the ending this month March for the withdrawal of the said books from the markets.

The group also demanded apologies from the publishers to the Voltarian chiefs.

Read below the full text of the release:



For Immediate Release


Group's Convener, Mr Wonder Setsoafia Deynu Group's Convener, Mr Wonder Setsoafia Deynu
We, the Concerned Youth of Volta Region have noticed with outmost shock and disappointment of certain books that were printed and published in to the public domain to be used by our primary schools across the country. The contents of some of such books sound unpleasant and a deliberate attempt to undermine and denigrate the Ewes. The books published are as follows;

History of Ghana, Book 3 by Badu Nkansah and Nelly Martinson Anim and Golden English Basic 4 authored by Okyere NAAFI Alexander

We condemn this shameful conduct in the strongest terms as the act was in a bad taste for us an ethnic group.

We are, by this press release making three demands from the publishers which must be carried out before the end of this week.

1. An unqualified apology to be rendered to the chiefs and the good people of the Volta region. Our revered chiefs, traditional authorities and Ewe historians are always available and should be contacted for guidance I such regards.

2. The published books in to the public domain be withdrawn with immediate effect.

We are not against writing of stories about the Ewes. What we are against changing our history that whips tribal sentiment against us. We are very much abreast with our culture and traditions and will never allow our history to be misconstrued and misrepresented in a subtle attempt to mislead current and unborn generations for no unjustifiable reasons.

3. Finally, we are demanding an immediate ban and revocation of the license of the company of the publishers. We would like to also put on record that we the Ewes are not vindictive people.

The phenomenal contributions of the several Ewes towards the growth and development of this country can never be undermined in any way.

We are also using same medium to caution any individual or group of persons whose actions and inactions in one way or the other tries to underestimate any tribe in this country to desist or face our wrath as discerning citizens.

We, the Concerned Youth of Volta region would like to find out government is not aware of this development which might eventually bring divisions among us if care is not taken. This is because after the books are printed and before publication is done, the sector minister or government representative will be made to peruse the entire work. No ethnic group is greater or better than the rest of the tribes in Ghana.

We are all Ghanaians and peace-loving people but will not sit aloof for some sections of the tribes in Ghana to belittle others for their selfish and parochial interest.

God bless Ghana, our motherland.

Long live the Ewes

Long live Volta Region.


Wonder Setsoafia Deynu


*Ewe & English*

Bernard Edem Ahiekpor


Twi & English

King Amoah
King Amoah

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