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17.03.2021 Letter

Stereotyped textbooks: Open Letter to Minister of Education – Edmund Eyram Afun-Peters

By Edmund Eyram Afun-Peters
Hon. Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum
LISTEN MAR 17, 2021
Hon. Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum

Dear, Hon. Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum

My name is Edmund Eyram Afun-Peters, I am a Freelance Writer who hails from Wusuta in the South Dayi District of the Volta Region.

I want to congratulate you on your appointment as Minister of Education, you performed brilliantly in your position as deputy Minister of Education, and it is therefore not surprising that, the President, His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo in his second term appointed you the substantive minister. I wish you well on this journey of yours, always remember, Ghana First. I trust you will go into history as one of the finest Education Ministers we’ve had in this country.

Honourable Minister, I write to you this Open letter with so much feeling of rejection, sorrow and heartbreak, and this is due to publication of some vile thoughts textbooks which has been published by some renowned publishers in our country, and I believe your attention has also been drawn to these stereotyping, and divisive publication.

As a Proud Ghanaian who believes in my country so much, I deem this act highly reprehensible for those responsible for this highly offensive and damaging publication. I just can’t fathom the reason why even the thought of it was experienced by these publishers especially in a time where we Voltarians have felt neglected and rejected for years in terms of developments and even appointment of our learned persons in top hierarchical administration of our socio-economic and political sectors of our country.

I am displeased as how these books got into the markets, and most especially the responses from these publishers disassociating themselves from the publications. I need an answer to this question, “If they (publishers) are disassociating themselves from the publications, WHO THEN PUBLISHED THEM”.

What baffles me is the press release by NaCCA, it is the most disappointing press release ever by any public institution. Does it mean, the NaCCA acted irresponsibly to the extent that, they did not approved the textbooks yet and they are already in the markets? The function of the NaCCA is to approve and certify textbooks and ensure that, the textbooks in the markets are certified for the use of teaching and learning. Hence if that is the case, then will be based on the NaCCA’s approval that, these books get to the market, so the directive from the NaCCA indicating that all the books be withdrawn from the market, then juxtaposes that, the NaCCA is irresponsible.

Honourable, I humbly plead on you to implement the following measures in order to redeem the image and restore the dinted reputation that has been casted by these textbooks on Ewes. With no reservations Sir, I plead on the following:

1. That your very good self should appear before Parliament to explain how these textbooks got to the market.

2. That you should take pragmatic measures to investigate the NaCCA most especially for this act of irresponsibility.

3. The NaCCA should immediately revoke the license of these publishers or suspend these publishers to serve as a deterrent.

Sir, I am aware the publishers have rendered an apology, however, it is not enough. People cannot just do anything and go scot-free just because they have apologized. No. Issues like this should attract strict punishment to deter others from this act, therefore, Sir, I plead on your honourable outfit to ensure the right thing is being down appropriately in this country to all manner of persons regardless of any differences or merits.

Honourable Sir, it is my expectation that, you will consider my letter and act in accordance to it, else, Sir, I will join the Ewe Students Association to take the necessary actions planned to eradicate these books from the system and I believe, you’re not wishing for that, hence Sir, kindly do the needful.

I hope to see you in action soon.

Thank you!!

Yours Truly,

Edmund Eyram Afun-Peters

(Your admirer)