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21.01.2021 Feature Article

Can Ghanaian democracy survive if the 8th parliament of the 4th republic fails the masses?

Can Ghanaian democracy survive if the 8th parliament of the 4th republic fails the masses?
LISTEN JAN 21, 2021

Can Ghanaian democracy survive - if the 8th Parliament, of the 4th Republic, were to fail the masses? Ghana's ruling-élites must beware: A democracy in which many suffer daily, and struggle to survive, and which is dominated by powerful and respectable-looking thieves-in-high-places, who constantly manipulate state institutions, for personal gain, sits atop a ticking social-time-bomb, ooooo. Yoooooo...

If Ghana's 8th Parliament, disappoints Ghanaians, by failing to stop the nation-wrecking 4th Republican practice, of regularly passing rubber-stamping-legislation, to legalise mammoth-elite-looting, no one should be surprised, if the next Jerry Rawlings finally strikes, oooo3o. Yoooooo...

When that junior-officer-led-putsch, occurs, and the bloody and brutal June 1979, house-cleaning accountability-exercise, is repeated, there will be widespread jubilation, amongst a totally-fed-up-population, tired of the shameless looting, of state resources, by a cohort of vile, greedy, powerful and well-connected individuals, ooooo. Simply put, Ghanaian democracy will not survive, if the 8th Parliament fails the masses. Enough is enough, oooo. Yooooooo...

Kofi Thompson
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