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The World Ruler - Part 34

The World Ruler - Part 34
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The delegation walked out into the garden certain of their victory. Kwame Owusu called London and said with joyful voice: "Eric...we are close to removed King Thomas. The atmosphere in the room, the spirit that had entered the room all of a sudden while we were presenting our case...made all the change. You could see in all their eyes that the evil spirits had come upon them. One day when they might wake up again and come tom their senses, I am sure they will not know what had taken them over. All of them might one day regret their today`s decision...."

"But then it is too late!" said Eric Donkor with great joy jumping up and down his living room. "Hurray...hurry...we are winning...we are winning...King Thomas is crushed and the dark history of our beloved motherland Ghana. The Fifth Republic of Ghana is coming...Kwame, the Fifth is coming. You know what that means?"

"You will be the next President and I will be your...?"

"Of course, my dear best friend," laughed Eric Donkor and looked at Mallam Naa Zali sitting on the carpet below him with blood between his crossed legs, "I will make you the Prime Minister. Of course, I will never forget you, my best, best friend. We stand in one blood one blood!"

"I know the blood that connects us, and that blood will bring us victory!" confessed Kwame Owusu attending back to his two friends around him. "the victory is ours. Mallam Naa Zali has truly performed a miracle, my friend...a miracle!"

"But miracles are for God only?" intervened one of them.

"Whatever...whatever...we have won. And no power can stand ever between a Mallam and our victory...never. God is blocked from our victory. Our Mallam has access to our people as our people are of our blood and through our blood line, a Mallam can easily enter their minds and hearts to twist and turn them into our direction.

"Let’s all hope and trust God cannot overrule the decision of a Mallam and the blood he stands on and speaks to!"

"In that case, we would not be standing here today and see in a few hours soldiers marching from here to the Palace of King Thomas to arrest him and put him into prison for life!" declared Kwame Owusu with great confidence sitting down on the lush green lawn that was cut a few hours before.

"Now that we stand in the good tradition of the old Greek where philosophers paved the way for science by their desire to understand the world and create and shape the world by human minds...we here at this moment in time, in world history, equally are asked to find the right answer to the case brought before us. Collectively let us all search our hearts and minds for the only true answer to the corruption allegation against King Thomas. Let us all open our eyes and hearts to the papers before us and the human testimonies that we have listened to in endless hours during the many months passed keeping the eyes and ears of the general public standing idle outside of our minds and hearts. We must always be independent in whatever we do only submit ourselves to our conscience and do what is best in the interest of our people and the new Kingdom of Ghana. The truth must be uncovered in all that we do and decide upon...nothing but the truth. When I look around the room and see in all your faces it becomes evident to me," said George Agyekum with stone-faced facial expression keeping his heart tied to himself suppressing any emotions and disappointment, "that we have to go the hard way and arrest King Thomas who has the right to eventually present his case in the law court of our highest court but will no longer be a threat to the process our nation is making and has to make. I know the decision we have to take today no one we take lightly. But the feeling we all have, as I can see in your eyes, the spirit and motivation which carries us all, all of us standing in the bloodline of many people that had walked on the lands of Ghana generations before us...that in this bloodline we have...sorry, for a moment I lost the words I wanted to mention. Sorry, I do not know what has come over me...I mean, the bloodline that we are standing in...I am so, so sorry, my fellow Council members...let me please have a glass of water...please pass it over to me...oh, thanks so much, my dear! So, as I raise my voice and concern and see with clear eyes and mind the content...."

"The blood is in you; the blood of our great ancestors is in you. Can you feel how the warm blood runs through your veins, touches your hearts, crawls slowly into your minds? Feel the warmth of human blood that had brought sacrifices for you and your children...feel the blood in your body, running through your vines, your entire body. You are made of this blood, your sperm that created your body once was made of this blood. The egg your mother carried in her womb before the sperm of your father hit it and made it grow bigger and bigger to make you see the light of this world finally and take dominion of it. Hear the trumpets of a great history written by black hands, by slaves that lost their lives while crossing the big ocean. Hear their cry, hear how they were beaten to death, no food is given, no water given. Sis gave their wives and children were mistreated and raped...hear the pain your families of the past had suffered from. Hear their tears, hear their calls for help, for salvation, for justice. Hear your fellow black comrades in America being shot by Police Officers like rats, innocent people just shot and killed by the hands of the wicked minds of white Police Officers. Hear the pain blacks suffered from seeing their natural resources had been exploited for free and taken to the white man`s territory. Hear the black hearts crying in their blood, innocent hearts, hearts not allowed by the white man to live a happy life but always to be under their control. Let the blood speak of a better future for the black man...let the blood speak," pronounced Mallam Naa Zali.

"I feel there is something in me," mentioned George Agyekum and looked down on himself. "I feel a bit funny; I mean strange. There is something warm in me...something makes my I guess."

"Are you alright? Should we better pause or continue?" asked on a member of the Council of Elders worried for his friend.

George Agyekum opened his eyes wide and responded: "I guess we better continue to get our work done. I urge the Commanders of the Armed Forces to arise and step forward." After they had done as requested by the Chair of Council of Elders, did her continue: "As the Council of Elders has concluded that the evidence presented before us are creditable and true evidence of King Thomas engaging in corrupt acts taking bribes from outside countries, we the members of the Council of elders based on the mandate entrusted to us by the constitution of the new Kingdom of Ghana we hereby declare and ask you to arrest King Thomas, put him behind bars and make him stand trial in the court of justice at the most urgent time. Now, go with our blessings and perform on your mandate!"

In the early morning hours, King Thomas had arrived back from a four days trip around African countries to assist them in establishing a new Kingdom and rule their nations with wisdom and knowledge, they had come to knock on his doors, heavy-armed Military Men with armoured cars and machine guns ready to use. The watchman at the gate was pushed aside, no chance for him to arm the people inside the house to warn King Thomas. They entered the house by force, looked around the ground floor. King Thomas in his bedroom on the first-floor heart the noise from down below, got down to ask for the reason why they had come. The Officer in charge, a well-trained man with serious looks, handed the arrest warrant to him, gave him a few minutes to read the papers and come to understand what was about to happen. King Thomas asked for his wife, she came and read the documents. She smiled at her husband knowing deep down in her heart the truth. What she had never told him before, she even had known weeks ahead of that fatal day that something like that was about to happen. She had seen it in her dreams. Following the advice of her pastors, not everything that she saw in her dreams was for her husband`s ears to hear. He was rather supposed to have a free mind and not being overburdened by the dark future, by the evil people in his life. This was only for her eyes to see and for her spirit to work through to turn the tables always in her husband`s favour. As she looked at the commanding officer, she did this with a motherly look, a look telling him she had fully understood the situation and that false accusation, in the end, would set her husband free, even make him stronger and build his everlasting legacy to have saved the entire continent of Africa from getting crashed for a life-time and beyond. Agreeing with the commanding officer she gave her husband into his hands. He had full trust in what his wife was doing following the Military Men with no sign of any resistance or complaints.

"Sorry, King Thomas," said the commanding officer in his car driving him off to a nearby prison recently launched to make him stay in a much better place than the rest of the many prisons in the country, "but I only do as I am told to!"

"I know...and you are the helper of my blessings...Sir," answered King Thomas just about to reach the prison gates. "No everything bad in life is bad. It is the much-needed process we must face as humans to reach our final destiny...and destiny for good. It is the time of being tested in dark days, in shame and disgrace. It is only a horror scenario for people that do not understand scriptures, that see what is happening before their very own eyes as the real truth of life while in fact what is behind actions taken by people is what matters and what is real, what is the truth of life. We are here on earth for a purpose and for understanding just that. In happy days our soul, our spirit...they are lazy. The simply enjoy life to the fullest, very much needed from time to time...a time out so to speak. But to learn about ourselves is only in the darks of darkness when people abandon you, put out lies against you and want to see whether or not their lies can finish you off, can crash you for good."

"That seems to be very wise, your Majesty...your words make me humble. Oh...sorry, just here...we have reached. I will now have to hand you over to the prison guards. They will do their job. Before I leave you, let me use this opportunity to thank you for all that you have done for our nation Ghana and our continent Africa. I have always admired your great work and a good heart. What has now been done to you...I only do my job, Sir!"

"I understand and appreciate your warm words...Sir!" entered King Thomas the prison grounds and was taken right away to his prison cell. The prison ward tried not to show any emotions. His facial expression did not disclose any opinion he had towards the imprisonment of King Thomas. He tried all his best to be professional, not harsh, not showing sympathy, only being professional.

King Thomas cell was a normal simply furniture prison cell for one inmate with toilet inside, a water cooker, no pictures on the walls, a hard military bed, thin matrass, a small table and a wooden chair, a small wardrobe and a grey metal door with. He got down on his knees looking through the metal rods before his cell window up to the skies. He closed his eyes, folded his hands in prayers. He gave thanks to God as he always did for anything God had decided about him. After quality time in prayer did, he get up, washed his face in the small sink beside the grey metal door close to the toilet and laid down on the bed. His eyes closed allowed his memory to see his past, a past full of surprises, ups and downs, persecution with false allegations and the emotions, the confusion in so many hearts that had come with the lies put out against him. So many years back in the past his sister had claimed he had stolen money from his mother´s bank account while in that had never been the case. Married to an evil woman before that woman had the only intention to destroy him, to make the shame she had brought upon herself by delivering a baby boy from another man to divorce him after delivery so to have her residence permit in Germany independently. And he had to pay the price for it. Supporting the allegations of the sister that evil woman eventually pushed his mother into her early death. He was always a man strong in prayers and protected by God, but his mother had never trusted God, only believed in angles, she, eventually sick as she was, was pushed by all lies put out against her innocent son that she had loved so dearly, into her early grave. In that sense, she was the innocent victim of the whole process unable to see the truth when things unfolded. But years later her spirit had found out the truth and had told her son that she had come to know the truth asking him for forgiveness. It took another more year of fighting in the spirit and in real life to expose the evilness and intentions of these two ladies against the innocent brother and ex-husband. But thanks to God had he found a helper in form of a great lawyer to expose the truth finally and set him free from lies put out against him from all family members. In the darkest days of his life, he had never given up rather read the bible over and over again and had been reminded of so many similar stories like Joseph once sold into slavery, Hiob and his loss of family and assets, Cain killing Abel, Judas opening the way for Jesus Christ to be crucified and resurrected. He had come to understand that when people open up their heart to the devil, unbelievers or believers that are weak in following the Lord, the devil will come, use them, confused their minds, empower them to take dominion over the innocent saints, push them again and again to the ground with lies as their sharp swords. As in Psalm thirty-seven, his most beloved Psalm of all, did his entire story unfold? The evil-minded people were above him for years, took dominion over his life while God never abandoned him his in darkest days. Yes, the Lord knew one day, one day he would lift him, raise him to glory and he would go out into the world looking for the strong men that wanted his end to come. But as Psalm thirty-seven was proclaiming they all were gone, no more to be found in any corner of the world. And he and his descendants would take dominion over their inheritance for good, words deeply rooted in his heart and never forgotten in times of temptations and trials. When the ay of victory finally had come, he remembered so well, he had bought a nice cherry creamy cake and a no sugar chocolate for his wife to sit together during the later afternoon of that memorable day to celebrate the goodness of God and the fantastic life he had.

The prison ward woke him up standing over him all of a sudden: "Sir, your lawyer is here to talk to you!"

King Thomas was taken to an interrogation room located close to the Prison Ward`s office and as he saw his lawyer he was not surprised at all: "My Prophet...indeed that is all I need y my side to see me through."

Both men were hugging each other.

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