29.10.2020 Poem

The Voice And Power Of The Thumb

By Guonaa Francis
The Voice And Power Of The Thumb
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People of mother Ghana

The time has come again

For us to go to the polls

Let’s remember one thing

Ghana first.

And any other thing can follow

I know for sure that

When minority becoming majority

There’s always animosity


But let’s think and think

Think deeply in our hearts.

Before we take our arms.


Politics is just a game

You can either win or lose

Then why the need for fight?

If you lose an election,

Is there no space for reflection?


Before our parties came into existence,

We were all Ghanaians

Political fanatism cannot help.

It can only lead to chaos.

Dialogue can lead to construction

And conflict will lead to destruction.

I call on all and sundry

To let peace prevail

For the sake of our children and women,

The aged and the vulnerable.

Losing election for peace to prevail

Is better than winning the seat with stain.



And all other political parties

Tell your followers to be calm

And listen to the thumbs of the people

Dialogue should be our key to maintain peace.


Election officials, stand up to the task

Clergymen and women

Preach peace.

Without peace, our mosques and churches will be empty,

So give peace a chance

Media men and women

Say exactly what you have seen

Wrong reportage may fuel anger

And lead to conflict

We can’t afford to trade off our peace so cheaply

There is no better the payback for

Party vigilantism and political violence.


If not loss of life  our loved ones

Loss of human dignity

Misplace of properties and human lives

Say no to party vigilantism

And say a big no to political violence.

Avoid impersonation, multiple voting

Remember the punishment for culprits of Act 999

A law that warns against political violence and vigilantism

And be ambassadors of peace.

Be an advocate and an agent of peaceful election


It is about ideas, not insults

It is about votes, not violence

It is about ballots, not bullets

Your party, my party are all subsets

Of Mother Ghana.


Ghanaians need your life

Before, during and after the elections.

Your thumb is your weapon, not gun

And your vote is your power, not violence.

So, don't be a tool for a fool.

Be wise !!!




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