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Social Media Love

Social Media Love
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You know it’s a bit weird and sometimes funny how some love stories turn out.

Come to think of it, is showing off your relationship on social media a wrecker or a maker?

On one side of the coin, it is about showing all who care to see and know that you also have someone who is “in love with you”. With all the photoshoot, the pizza night, taking strolls, the cooking videos and the heartwarming birthday-is-loading-fever. Eiii Nipa ay3 biooo.

Others also perceive it as securing the bag and making sure nobody snatches boo or bae from you. I mean, who doesn’t like being flaunted and portrayed prince or princess.

On the flip side, I have seen many who keep their relationships off all platforms. “the let’s keep it a secret “kind of entanglement” for such, social media has its way of destroying their beautiful relationship and to keep it secured from evil eyes, they keep it a secret.

What do you prefer, keeping it secret or social media is bae? Let me know your preference and why?

Abila Abagi
Abila Abagi

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