Liberated Mind An Answer To Self-pitying

Feature Article Liberated Mind An Answer To Self-pitying
OCT 15, 2020 LISTEN

Life's problem is not a mathematical logic to be solved but a great mystery yet to be explained. Many people are caught up in a pitiful awkward situation of self-pitying thus ruining their lives. You can get through this life mystery, only with a liberated mindset. A mindset that has been liberated from negative thoughts of self-pitying.

Journeying through life, I did encounter distasteful occurrences that had to be dealt with. There have been obstacles, hurdles, walls which I have to climb to scale down, hoping to have gotten rid of; yet for another to crop or pop up at every turn but I never forgot that, life gets going because of its unknown mysteries.

The seven decades-plus of life years has been a great teacher and a reminder of the past. Of how much of it has been confused noises, characterized by conflict at times but yet, very rewarding. I have always been mindful that self-pitying is a disastrous condition that should be overcome and I'm thankful to God for His gracious mercies.

I found that, the process of combining different state of negative thinking and inactivity, inflamed feelings of self-pity. However, I also realized that, strong, stable mentally people are able to recognize the fact about their lives existence when they are at risk of been thrown into a continuous downward deterioration of self-pitying; and are able to take action that prevents themselves from living a pitiful life.

Ultimately, I was able to overcome my emotional shortcomings and developed the capacity and power of my mind to shape my character and behavior of how I perceived life's reality.

When you become engrossed in mind with the past, and see it as defining your future, in a very negative and restrictive way, then, your perception narrows to seeing only loss, damage and problems. You become disillusioned and believing yourself to be helpless, defeated, and vulnerable. I found out that, self-pity has the tendency to make one rather passive, hoping to be rescued, by someone, somehow.

The solution or answer to self-pity lies in a liberated mind. The power of a liberated mind provides an outstanding introduction to a positive awakening of the mind. An approach that has changed many lives by turning them toward focusing on values. The advice I proffer below may help you truly understand what matters so that we can live with greater freedom, courage, and joy.

Understanding bad things do happen, must always be our foremost concerns. How we react quickly to issues gives meaning to the distinctive characteristics of our life. One could decide to sit in perpetual sadness, restricted by the grave potency of loss, or could decide to find the strength to respond adequately from the pain - and treasure the most precious gift, that is - I have life itself.

It is a fact of life that, some of us encounter or undergo more difficulties and misfortunes and painful events in our lives than others. We wonder why our difficulties don’t happen to other people out there but instead us.

We end up with a deflated hope that, life is not fair which is usually a wrong presumption. Life's mysteries combines contradictory features and qualities that we can't get its meaning, notwithstanding, we should be guided by wisdom not to fall for self-pitying. Definitely, bad and unpleasant things happen. Great sufferings, fear or unhappy events or tragedies will affect most of our lives at some point but be careful not to plunge oneself into perpetual self-pity.

At any turn, it would be okay to shed tears, as an expression of sadness or pain. It may be applied at the time you feel sorry for yourself and your circumstances, wander around or get angry. But have at the back of the mind that, at some point, you must shake it off, let go of the past, and decide not to let it completely destroy you entirely. Otherwise, you won’t be able to learn from the experience and move forward in a constructive way.

The joy of being able to liberate my mind from the shackles of self-pity has been the most important teacher, a reminder about the milestone in my life. I'm talking about self-pity, defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary as “a self-indulgent dwelling on your own sorrows or misfortunes.” Never live in the shadows of a relationship of any kind, be it love or friendship or employment.

Self-pity is a disaster you can avoid. Get rid of it. Liberate yourself.

Good morning and enjoy your life.

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