CyberGhana Receives Equipment For Ultra-Modern Cyber Security Labs

Technology CyberGhana Receives Equipment For Ultra-Modern Cyber Security Labs
SEP 16, 2020 LISTEN

CyberGhana, a humanitarian-based Non-Governmental Organisation based in Ghana has taken delivery of equipment for the establishment of ultra-modern cybersecurity laboratories across the country under its skill-based training scheme dubbed NICESTEP.

The National Institute for Cybersecurity, Technology, and Engineering program, NICESTEP, is an initiative by Cyberghana and funded by UK’s RAENG, and LLYODs Register Foundation.

NICESTEP was designed to train young people in cybersecurity, software engineering, artificial intelligence and its related discipline. The training is expected to be run at top three selected technical universities in Cape Coast, Sunyani and Bolgatanga.

The project which is the first of its kind in Ghana comes at a time when the country’s need for cutting edge expertise to detect, analyze and mitigate the rising cases of cyber attacks is a top priority.

Besides the obvious solutions CyberGhana’s initiative presents to government and corporate institutions by helping them to secure their systems and networks; the projects seek to address the disturbing trend of high unemployment by producing thousands of engineers to solve problems of this relatively untapped area.

CyberGhana recognizes the fact that, there are countless young people who desire to build a career in technology, but are unable to pursue their dreams due to financial constraint. It is in the interest of such individuals that CyberGhana in collaboration with its international donors are providing specialized courses in IT-based engineering at no cost.


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