03.08.2020 Feature Article

We Must All Vote, Regardless

We Must All Vote, Regardless
LISTEN AUG 3, 2020



He holds an MA, MPhil, PhD or he has no degree or anything of sort but he is confortable because he owns businesses spread across the globe...

Listen to him talk on radio...

Watch him on tv talk...

Read his post on social media...

Ranting, whinning about economic mismanagement, corruption, failed leadership, poor roads, unemployment and so on.

'I'm tired', he would say, 'I'll not vote this time, maybe never...the parties are both the same - ."

As if his one vote will be counted thrice and that of those down there counted once...

I spoke to the other he.

I asked him if he had registered.

'Yes' he said.

'I will vote for party A', he added, without me asking.

Then I asked why he was going to vote the party A?

He became quiet, looking perplex.

So what is the name of the candidate of your chosen party?

He doesn't know.

So how will you vote?

'I know the party... ', then he mentioned it.

I'm still shell-shocked.

The best philanthropy we can offer to those down there is not paying their bills, giving old clothes or few cedis etc...we'll be offerring them gold by ourselves voting and educating them to understand the issues and vote accordingly.

If you consider the pain of losing an election, I've not been there yet but I can imagine: the campaign investments going down the drain, the rejection, the broken ego, the severed arrogance and the disgrace that comes with conceding defeat in Ghana...(the conceding speech, at least I can recall the recent ones) you will vote, having in mind that even though they are the same, you are voting 'against'...and that en masse we can take them out at will or retain them in order to keep the other perpetually in opposition.

If only we can educate the masses on the issues, then people who aspire or wield political power will take their fellow Ghanaians more seriously.

So, if you have not registered, I strongly advise you to do so now and encourage those who have not, to do same.

We all have to vote. It is a right.

Francis Sanusi


Development Communication student

Ghana Institute of Journalism

[email protected]

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