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Freedom never comes - Part 38

Freedom never comes  - Part  38
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"Everything that we are is based on money, food and drinks, whether we have to buy it or grow ourselves, money no matter how small, is needed even for people at basic levels," answered Heinz Wohlfarth while George Fähnrich was busy thinking about this young, Lewis from Kentucky. Lewis from Kentucky took his time, very, very slowly, and turned to Heinz Wohlfarth looking at him from down to up before into his eyes. Heinz Wohlfarth was not feeling fine and looked over to George Fähnrich for explanation. George Fähnrich was unable to help him in that need of understanding who and what this young man was all about and why they had met in the first place. Herzlia was big enough to have bumped into other people; but no, there they found themselves talking to a young American sitting on the grey pavement begging for money and depending on the mercy of others. Nothing their minds could easily comprehend.

Lewis form Kentucky know their two newly discovered friends were puzzled; and he enjoyed that they were unable to make sense of him yet trying to be open for the unknown, still trapped in the comfort zone of their own understanding of life and their own life. A big smile rushed through his face, his eyes were open wide, his mind free as free it could be and he said: "Why should I work for money when money is laying here for me on the streets. I just must be patient and content. All I need is to wait, see people around me, give them my looks and touch their hearts. As long as I do not need a Villa and a Rolls-Royce, as long as I do not need a family of my own, as long as I do not want to write myself into the book of history, as long as I do not want to leave a legacy behind, as long as I do not want a stone with my name on for generations to remember me...but as long as I simply want to be and enjoy the luxury of thinking and understanding...I am free like the birds. They do not work for money, yet they are fed. They do not so for shelter, yet they are protected from rain and snow. They simply just are. So... I am just I am...and have what it takes to to the fullest inside my own very self and in my means that are not much."

Heinz Wohlfarth took a deep breath to constrain his temper and anger and said: "That means, you are on a trip to yourself?"

"I am a constant journey as I am a human being, that is true!"

"And for that constant...," did George Fähnrich step in and added his questions, "you need money to live...even as you said...on a lower and simple level?"

"You got the whole brother!" turned Lewis from Kentucky his head around and looked George Fähnrich right into the eyes. "I am my own master, the creator of my own legacy as I wish it to be...for myself. Other people what they think of me... do I care? Do I have to care?" He paused and looked right and left into the faces of his new German friends before continuing: "Of course not...I do not need to care...and guess what...I do not care. I live for myself and I find myself here on the streets better than in an office in New York City with tie and a great bank account surrounded with stuff I do not need for living and people that are not of myself and not knowing the real me. We humans can live with less than we think. Maybe the economy could not provide so many jobs for so many people if all would think like me as the high level economics we all come from seems to depend heavily on consumption of products no one really needs but so many people care for. It could well be that medicine would not be advanced like it is if we would not consume as much products and services as we do so that extra money can be used for medical research...possibly that could be the case. But for me I am content the way I am. I have enough to eat and drink, find my toilet everywhere and a place to sleep under the sun, have my net that protects me at nights from I am free as a bird."

"No, you are not free!" protested Heinz Wohlfarth with angry tone. Lewis from Kentucky noticed resistance to his ideas from the Hamburger. "It is not like the birds that do not ask but find, do not work but get."

Lewis from Kentucky turned to Heinz Wohlfarth and looked him angrily deep into his eyes. Grey shadow appeared under his young eyes: "Why not?"

"What you do here is watching people passing by, thinking about life`s issues, thinking about freedom and where and how to find it, thinking about how best to position yourself to find the real you inside you and not somewhere else, try to define the meaning of freedom, whether there is absolute freedom in this world or whether we only can achieve relative freedom which is different for each of us and to which extend we possibly can find this relative freedom and keep it. At the same time, as you are not a bird, you sit here, do not work and have your own money that makes other people to work for you so that you can enjoy the harvest of that money and see others labour for you so that they can live and try their good luck to set themselves free to whatever extend by getting good money from your investment, your money once made, so a form of escalation of your ideas for others to come out of a status that makes them dependent on others and makes them enjoy the goodness of life as they feel it in their minds and souls regardless whether or not you like their mentality of consuming products and services potentially not essential to your way of thinking and expectations, "said Heinz Wohlfarth, saw how an old lady was leaving few coins on the card board for the young Lewis from Kentucky. "there you see, you depend always on the merciful heart of others so that you can enjoy the luxury not to work but always to think and to pretend that you are free like a bird, can watch others going about their work that brings them the needed money from which they can give something little to you and as you cannot exist on the little one person gives to you must be patient that many people see you, feel touched in their hearts to give little to you so that over time the little will be enough for you to grow and fed yourself while you in your mind think the people that give to you are squeezed into convention of expectations and of consumption of things they do not really need but voices inside them call out that they must have them. So, in fact you do are not free yourself here on the streets as you might think, but I guess you are more dependent on the system you do not seem to have much appreciation for, a system with rules, regulations and expectations to grow and grow, to move constantly forward into more and more work and consumable products no one in the end really needs but many desire to have. You think you are more free than the people that give to you, but in fact, that is how I see it as you are not a bird but a human being that can think and understand....trying to enjoy the luxury of having enough time to think of how more to be free from restrictions, from other people´s expectations, from the corsets of this world in all its aspects...without these people giving to your their little mercy, you are not able to live the next day. In as much as this makes you more dependent on others, in as much as you are less free than you your weird mind. Think of it whether or not people that work and obey the rules when they are on their way to financial freedom, to more than they actual need and can give to others like you and make on top of it others work and give them jobs for them to spin the wheel of economic liberty...whether such people are not more free than yourself sitting here under the hot sun, breathing fresh air and begging for mercy of people that do work for their money!"

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