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How To Identify A Fake Pastor

How To Identify A Fake Pastor
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Jesus Christ in the book of Mathew 7:15, admonished Christians to beware of false prophets who come in sheep clothing but are ravenous wolves inwardly.

There are hundreds of Biblical quotations that describe fake pastors, their demeanor and how to identify them.

1 John 4:1 tells Christians not to believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.

The world has been flooded with many prophets, all claiming to represent God. Africa, in particular, has seen an upsurge of churches and pastors in recent times.

There have been reported cases of pastors swindling unsuspecting congregants. Cases of extortion and mental slavery are very high in the current Christian dispensation.

Christians no longer pay attention to the word of God. The focus these days is on miracles — and that is exactly what the fake pastors are delivering.

Below Are Five (5) Signs Of Fake Pastors

1. Fake Pastors/Prophets Do Not Preach About Salvation/Sin

The focus of the fake pastors/prophets is basically to engage in activities that will project and make them more famous and rich. Preaching salvation or speaking against sin will not help them in their journey.

Fake pastors do not preach and even if they do, they tell their congregants what they (congregants) want to hear and not what God has inspired him (the preacher) to say.

Fake pastors are all about performing miracles and making themselves demigods. If you find yourself in a church where the pastor doesn't preach salvation and talk against sin, then you should know you are definitely in a fake pastor's church.

2. Fake Pastors/Prophets Sell Miracle Items In Churches

Any pastor that sells "miracle items" in a church is not of God. Items such as holy oil, holy water, salt, soap, chains, perfumes, powder etc. are often sold at astronomical prices in churches where the fake pastors operate.

Congregants are nurtured to invest their faith in those miracle items and are coerced into buying them. Fake pastors are able to intelligently indoctrinate their members and it becomes difficult for them (members) to question the activities of the pastors.

3. They Charge High Prices For Counseling And Consultation Services

Fake pastors are all about money. Their main idea is to milk their vulnerable members and make millions out of them.

Fake pastors have made it extremely difficult for their sheep to get closer to them.

Speaking with your pastor these days is not easy. One needs over a hundred cedis to be able to speak with a pastor for just ten minutes.

People who have challenges and may need spiritual advice would have to get enough money before they can speak with a pastor. Pastors who charge members before speaking with them cannot be from God.

4. Most Of Them (Fake Pastors) Have Bleached (Their Skin)

Fake pastors are moved by things of the flesh. Their focus is on how good they look outwardly.

A large number of fake pastors have changed their skin colour from dark to red (white). They are more dapper and materialistic.

Aside bleaching, they don expensive jewelleries and live extravagant lifestyles. One interesting observation is that they always bleach to meet the skin colour of their wives.

Geniune pastors are not worried about their skin colour. They appreciate whatever God gave them.

5. Fake Pastors Give Themselves Titles And Constantly Demand Praise From The Congregants.

Any pastor who constantly demands praise, especially when he is successful with a "miracle" cannot be classified as genuine.

Genuine men of God do not crave for accolades, they give all credits to Jehovah God.

When fake pastors are speaking, they use words such as; I healed him off his disease, I set you free, I am the greatest of all etc. They don't recognize God in their ministry.

What Should Christians Do?

Fake pastors are dominating because Christians over the years have grown to be lazy and overly dependent. Instead of believing in Godz most Christians have entrusted their faith in the Pastors and have made them demigods.

To be able to keep away from fake men of God, Christians are advised to:

  • Read the Bible and Pray consistently
  • Believe in the Almighty God as superior to any pastor
  • Pray and believe in their own prayers
  • Avoid doctrines that seek to project pastors and belittle God
  • Invest their faith in the word and not in miracle items.

Brethren, let's be watchful because by their fruits, we shall know them.

God bless you.

By Alpha Osei Amoako