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I’M IN LOVE WITH BOMAYE – Maidens Present Their Beads to the ‘King’

Linda B
20 June 2012 | Radio & Television

Tonight, as a result of the week's main task, the maidens in the 'Bomaye' house will present one of their own creations to the 'King'. Since yesterday the maidens, after receiving a comprehensive tutorial from Belinda Peasah, a native of Koforidua and CEO of “Sidbell's Beads & Pearls,” have been putting finishing touches to the beads each is crafting to present to the 'King' tonight. And of course, it is a known fact now that the King's most cherished ornament on his woman is the African bead.

The art of bead making is among the oldest human arts, dating back 3,000 years. In Africa and Ghana to be precise, beads are deemed special and adored to the extent that they are used in several African proverbs. Ghana has an industry in beads, historically by women, using powdered glass that the bead maker usually grinds from commercially available glass seed beads and recycled glass. Powder glass bead making in Ghana is a unique craft practiced only in a handful of villages close to the Ashanti Region and others in the Krobo traditional area near Koforidua.

Aside from the reality show's ultimate goal of searching for a lifetime partner, one of its main objectives is to ensure that all of the maidens leave the Reality House with a valuable experience. So far other vocations and arts the Maidens have been introduced to include writing, drawing and fashion designing. They've also been given very comprehensive education on sexuality and health. It is expected that by the end of the reality show, the chosen maiden would be wholesome in all areas pertinent to the African woman.

Without a doubt, whoever wins tonight's task is definitely going to find her way into Bomaye's heart.

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