Iwan's Place In Ghana Music

Spotlight Iwan's Place In Ghana Music
FEB 10, 2010 LISTEN

Several weeks before I heard his music, I had been told about this new guy on the block; one that had the potential to cause a stir on the local music scene or even break into the 'outer national'.

I treated it like most of the other recommendations I receive on daily basis. Recommendations in the dozens which tend to be flukes mostly.

Days after hearing search nice words about the gentleman, I heard the collaboration between him and Nii on the hit bound track Sunshine. Then I said to my self 'if this is not a one day, nice writing, good production and excellent producer, great voice -one- time- on- and- off, then this must be a torch bearer for Ragga and the like in our music Industry.

Iwan is indeed a great talent and certainly the best of his crop. No doubt, we have been blessed with several such talents before. The list might be too long but there's been a few out standing ones in our recent history. We've had the likes of Soni Balli, Yogi Dogi and MTN icon Samini. Today by virtue of promotions and other turns and twists in the industry Samini is seen as been on top of the list among the above listed. It is important to note however, that Soni Balli is a pretty great talent, of course, without undermining Samini's talent. What makes Samini special is not merely his MTN attachment and resources at his disposal but his ability to combines Ragga/ Dancehall with Singing. He might not be the best of singers although he has a nice voice or the best in Ragga, Reggae and Dancehall but the combination is what sets him apart. He happens to have more or less excellent grips of music and an understanding into production processes, live music and imagery.

Iwan on the other hand in my opinion is about the best in Regga/Dancehall. Though new on the block he has demonstrated in more than a way and with more than a song his 'rulership' in the genre. If his tracks are covered well in terms of promotion and proper imagery, he is certainly bound to do much better than his predecessors have done. The onus lies on Bullhaus Entertainment to showcase him to Ghana and to the world.

To date his fine works include his rendition of Irene Logan's 'Runaway', judgement Day, His collaboration with Nii on Sunshine and his version of Samini's Triga called That Day. On That Day he was very insightful and spiritual and gave a good account of himself. Industry sources indicate that on the score of that track he is touted as been better than Samini but I say the two can not even be compared. Samini is in a class of his own while Iwan is the new kid on the block setting a new standard. So far at what he does best, he is unparalleled with his almost impeccable 'patoa' and soul searching lyrics Iwan is set to rule the Industry for a long time once he gets in his strides.

If you haven't heard his music, this is the time to comb around for his work and don't have others point him out to you when he's at the pinnacle. Bullhaus Entertainment almost has a niche for spotting great talents, our hope is that they reach higher and manage this one better than has been done previously as he has what it take to be rated among the top in the world.

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