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October 12, 2012 | Music News

Amobi Clement aka Mr BISTOP drops new track – PAYA PAYA

Yoma Asorho
Amobi Clement aka Mr BISTOP drops new track – PAYA PAYA

Smashing single brought to you by Kaycee Records from his oncoming debut album. Paya Paya is a club banger just right enough to get your groove started.

This music maestro Mr. Bistop has been around for a while. He was part of the group Bracket after which he opted to pursue a solo career. He has also graced so many stages across Nigeria, West Africa, UK and America. Mr. Bistop fell head over heels in love with music at the tender age of ten when he joined the Boy's Brigade as a band boy. Later writing songs and performing before a small crowd of family and friends and later to a larger audience. Culturally grounded in music.


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