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7 Ways To Pray For Your Children

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There are 7 prayer points that I have found to be very important, that will help preserve your children if they are to become victorious in life regardless of whether they are old or young. Let us consider four out of them today:

1. Pray for your children to have a great spiritual life. A sound and great spiritual life from when they are young and growing up is the greatest inheritance you can leave for your children. How far they can go in the purpose of God for their lives is determined by their relationship with God. What determines the values that will form their philosophy is not how many times you speak to them but who is the Lord of their lives. If it is Jesus Christ that is the Lord of their lives, they will turn out according to the divine plan, or else, the devil will be in charge of how they turn out. Remember the children of Eli in 1 Samuel 2:222. Pray for your children to have good discernment. Discernment is the ability to judge and discern what is right and what is wrong. The greatest gift you can give your children is not only the instructions but the ability to separate between right and wrong such that when the issues they are confronted with are not clearly written in black and white, they can have good judgment.

3. Pray for your children to have the right relationships. One bad relationship out of 20 can bring them down and corrupt their future. All it takes to destroy your child and all you have laboured for in your child is to have one bad relationship; it can scatter all your work. Pray for them that they will escape all wrong relationships that the devil has placed on their journey and they will connect to the right relationships that God has ordained for their success.

4. Pray for your children to make right choices in life: choices about location, career, and marriage. Pray that when the time comes for them to make these choices, they will choose right. Samson missed it in marital choice and he started down the road where he lost his anointing and died with the enemy. Lot chose what seemed good to his eyes (i.e. Sodom and Gomorrah) and he lost the future, his wife, children and all he had. Genesis 13: 7-14

5 : Pray that a shield of favour will surround your children.  As your children go through life, they will need favour because everyone needs to have favour where brilliance, strength, or effort will not determine your results in life. Pray that somebody somewhere will treat them like you will treat them or even better. You will agree that we always treat our children with extra care and consideration. If you are the principal of a school, you almost always understand why your own child was a bit late in submitting an assignment but you don't understand why other children delay. Therefore pray for them to enjoy favour with people they will meet and that they will be treated the way you would have treated them or even more.

6: Pray for protection for them; Protection in life (Ps 46:7, 11; Ps 91) There is a saying in South West Nigeria that where the eyes of the Lord will not reach, may you never get there. Protection is a very important prayer for children as they all grow up because there will always be a time where you cannot get to where they are but God can and will always be there with them if you commit them to His hands.

7: Pray against negative ancestral flows (Genesis 49:26): You must actively pray that no negative ancestral flow will creep into the life and experiences of your children. You must start that prayer by refusing those flows in your children and ensuring you are not doing anything to activate those things in your life as their parents.

Remember that there are people in your family lines that are the arrow head of the negative ancestral flows in your lineage, and you must know those people and prevent your children from contacting the flows in those people. Not only should you pray for your children because you can't replace family relationships, but you should also surround them with prayer. Your children may want to go and greet their cousins and if their aunt is the arrow head of the negative female ancestral flows, you can't stop your child but you can shield your child with prayers.


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