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Do You Believe in Vampires, Witch's and Ghosts?

By Melanie Miller

Vampires and Witch's have been around forever, including ghosts. I met a ghost once and she was murdered and she talked to me. I solved the murder case, found her mother walking one day and spoke to her softly and asked the mother of the deceased daughter, if she was the mother, name withheld, and she told me yes, that indeed she was.

We went to her home, and good thang I had my tarot card with me in my large sized purse made of wooden handle and straw, that look tattered and old, as bought it at a yard sale long time ago, way before the birth of my two sons, whom are into wiccan religion and magick such as I am. They used to attend church but decided my religon of Wiccan is much better to grasph the concept of. Now back to my true story. I dealt the cards and amazed at what I saw in the cards. I felt a strong presence too, and then I told the mother of the deceased woman, the names of the murderers and told her to write the wicked ones names down on a pad of paper. So she did accordingly, to my instructions. She did not hesitate to telephone the police about all this and two days later they found the evidence in his closet and he was arrested for the murder. Now this is a true tale, not fiction at all.

I have found lost things, items so to speak for many folks. I used to own and operate my own Witchy sites, and no longer do as is quite costly. I do accept reqeusts from friends to cast magical spells for them as well as strangers, that write me and desire a spell to be granted. I do invoke the spirit guides as they help me with psychic powers and spell craft.

Well onto something else, do you believe in Vampires? My grandfather(when he was alive) at the time, told me when I was just a wee child, of six to be exact, if you wish to know what age I was. He told me many stories of vampires and how he met one long ago, a woman of the night so to speak and that she asked if she could bite his neck, and he turned her um advances away! I used to write a man as well, and he too claimed he was a vampire born in the 1800's...but I never did meet any vampires myself so I wonder if they are fictional characters or really exsist. I will leave this up to you readers to decide if they are for real or not!

He was true to my grandmother and he was a good provider, and he could tell stories better than I could ever tell them.

Do you believe in witch's? Well....I am here to say we all exsist, meaning myself included. I been a white wiccan witch for several yrs. now, and enjoy casting good spells for many folks. You can find spells in magazines, such as I found a few spells for money and love spells as well.

If you wish to do a money spell, here is one you may be enlightened by. 1) You take some coins, gold and or silver or both if you have both kind this is to say. Place in a large or can be small bowl of water, and then place a gold or green or silver candle at night, say midnight to 2 a.m. as are best times to cast any and all spells, especially Halloween as well. You then ask the deity of your choice to bless the magick spell you weave and always thank him or her. You can also thank Lucifer is you are into this sort of thing, as he can be a god too, or named as such, God Pan.

Many people serve many gods and goddesses such as I do, such as Isis and God Thor. Do you like magick, the power it instills in one's soul? Do you cast spells at times hoping they all will come true for you or do you cast spells with a friend, and did you know if two of you or more or a coven of witch's cast the spell or spells together that it makes the spell become more powerful and more to come true?

You may ask yourself many questions about paganism or witchcraft or read books about the occult for free at a library or you may even know of an uncle or aunt that owns spell books. It won't hurt to ask and you can always say you are doing some research on the subject. Also you may find wicca or pagan or spell books at yard sales, or garage sales. Sometimes you can find them at consignment stores, but only rarely have I seen books on Buddha and Wiccan religion so your best bet is to find wiccan and pagan and or witchcraft books at a nearby libary and of course you and a friend or family member whom may be interested in the occult can read the books together and if you prefer to, you may go to a book shop out of town and purchase many witchcraft books. You will be amazed what you read and if you prefer to have someone read the witch books to you, then this is fine to do as well.

There are brail books on witchcraft as well. You and a friend that may not have sight, can have some fun learning how to read brail. Well..I hope my article was of some help to you and many others out there that are interested in the Craft, and if you are new to witchcraft, just talk to someone that may be a psychic and if you want to, you can call up psychics and there are toll free numbers as well to contact them. Most psychics are into the occult so you can learn from a psychic friend as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article, friends and take it one step at a time if you are new to the occult, you may find many spells that will help you and your spirit guide will help you as well. All and all, have fun casting magick in solitare or with friends and remember what you wish for, just may come true! So are you ready to cast spells?

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