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Family & Parenting Mama Bear painted in colours of the wind.
MAY 25, 2023 LISTEN
Mama Bear painted in colours of the wind.

Today is my Mother's birthday. She holds the name Ama. Like the icon Tina Turner sang my mum " Is simply the best." We have our ups and downs. Yet I know my mum is a wonderful woman, beautiful inside and out.

I'm glad God made her my mum. So loving, she will do anything for me, even sacrifice herself. As a little girl I use to sing songs, dance and play with her and we had so much fun. She's the awesome mum of me and my siblings. She's kind and she's warm. She made me love books and knowledge and I'll always be grateful for that. She surrounded me with books. She believes I'm beautiful, she let's me know. I'm smart, she let's me know. The world is my oyster, she let's me know. I'm made for great things-she let's me know.

There's too much to put into words to encapsulate what she means to me. So I'll keep it short and simple, I just want her to know she's loved by me, a love that vibrates beyond words. Happy birthday Mama Bear Ama.

Akosua Tuntum Nahana
Akosua Tuntum Nahana

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